Pensacola, Florida
Sunday June 16th 2019


The Last Word 2/3/11

Bobby White
Seventh Grade Language Arts Teacher at Woodham Middle School

What is your chief characteristic?

What do you appreciate most about your friends?
I appreciate that my friends act as my unconditional support structure. They know I will always be there when they need me, and I know the same.

Who is your favorite fiction character?
Han Solo. He’s just too smooth for his own good.

Who is your favorite non-fiction character?
Robert Frost. I know everybody can recite the things that English Comp. 2 spoon feeds them, but I love him for all the ways he’s never interpreted.

What is the best thing you have ever won?
I once won five bucks on a lotto ticket.

What did your mother always tell you?
“Don’t quit your job!”

What is the worst idea you’ve ever had?
Keep in mind—I was 17 at the time. I once got the idea that a dear friend of mine from high school was pregnant, and I asked her when she was due—and found out she had only gained weight…

What is your favorite food?
Seafood is one of the best perks of living in Pensacola, but let’s not get into the oil spill issue.

Which talent would you most like to have?
I wish I was multilingual, like one of those guys who can pick up languages after only a few days.

What movie do you love to watch repeatedly?
“Star Wars,” and “The Empire Strikes Back”

What was your most embarrassing moment?
Besides accidentally asking a chubby girl if she was pregnant? I once opened the door for one of my college professors into the wrong classroom.

What TV show is your guilty pleasure?
“The X-Files”—I still watch them, even the ones without Mulder.

What is the last book you read?
“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

What is your theme song?
“Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin