Pensacola, Florida
Monday May 21st 2018


“Iconicity”: An Exhibit of Icons Representing Icons

UWF Hosts an Exhibit That Praises Design
By Hana Frenette

The range of things an icon can be is expanding daily. Religious, musical, literary—whatever the icon, someone usually manages to slap their face onto a poster, allowing a mass of others to pay homage as they see fit.

This Thursday, UWF is opening “Iconicity”, an exhibit by Scott Campbell and Albert Exergian that utilizes the poster medium. Campbell creates layered screen prints for musical shows, and Exergian makes non-promotional posters for television shows. Both artists create out of a love for posters, modernism and television, highlighting things most iconic to themselves.

Campbell and Exergian have both started their own design companies. EXERGIAN was founded in 1998 and serves as a design consulting business, offering direction and design advice regarding media outlets. Campbell’s Young Monster was started in Chattanooga, Tenn. in 2009 and is a design and printing collective.

Campbell’s work is very detailed. It contains many images within the plane of the poster but isn’t overwhelming or cluttered. In contrast, Exergian’s posters are extremely clean and modern, and often incorporate the use of bold colors and defined lines.

The opening reception will take place on March 10 from 5-8 p.m., and the exhibition will run until April 14.

“The opening receptions are always fun and always accessible,” said Art Director of UWF Amy Bowman. “While there will be no formal talk, those attending will have ample opportunities for more intimate conversations with the artist.”
Exergian will be unable to attend the opening, but Campbell will be there.

“The openings are always celebratory, and they help to bring an interested community together to initiate this month-long exhibition,” Bowman said.

Both the artists are approaching something extremely commercial, such as music and television poster design, and are making it into an art form. The design of their posters is non-client based, so they are creating for themselves only.

“I wanted to feature graphic artists who approach their work from a fine art perspective,” Bowman said. “I was attracted to Campbell and Exergian’s work because they are designers who also function as artists through their intelligent treatment of image as both a form for mass communication and an outlet for expression.”

Graphic design and advertising often go hand in hand at turning art into a commodity. Everyone becomes so overly saturated with media they become desensitized to it. Campbell and Exergian are creating things that one might see on the street, but with more thought to the perception of the poster.

The exhibit should serve as a model for those who wish to create, perhaps for something commercial, and still retain the original idea that what was made can proudly be called art.

“Keeping with our mission, we consider our academic presence, incorporating the inquiries of our faculty, our students, and our surrounding communities, while introducing current temperatures of art and design,” Bowman said. “I am looking forward to a new season of visiting artists and speakers who further our perceptions about art’s vitality, both locally and globally.”

The exhibit will run until April 14 and is free for all guests. Stop by and check out what advertising might look like if money was no longer involved and art was the first priority.

WHEN: Opening reception March 10 from 5-8 p.m. Exhibit runs through April 14.
WHERE: University of West Florida,
Center for Fine and Performing Arts, Bldg. 82
COST: Free