Pensacola, Florida
Saturday April 21st 2018


The Last Word—Patty Hightower

Patty Hightower
Escambia County School Board Member, District 4

What is your chief characteristic?
I’m optimistic. Some even call me a Pollyanna.

What do you appreciate most about your friends?
That they know all of my flaws and like me anyway.

Who is your favorite fiction character?
The mom in the comic strip “For Better or Worse”. I thought she was living my life.

Who is your favorite non-fiction character?
Diane Ravitch. She doesn’t let past convictions keep her from changing her mind when the facts change.

What is the best thing you have ever won?
I won two silver medals in track in the Junior Olympics.

What did your mother always tell you?
My mom was a wonderful person who told me to stand up straight and to keep the hair out of my eyes.

What is the worst idea you’ve ever had?
I don’t think I’ve had one, but maybe my husband would disagree.

What is your favorite food?
Pepperoni pizza. I’d eat pizza every meal, if I could.

Which talent would you most like to have?
Speed reading. There are so many books and articles I want to read, but I never seem to have time.

What movie do you love to watch repeatedly?
“Dave” with Kevin Kline. I want a president like Dave.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
So many to choose from…how about the time my skirt got caught in my panty hose.

What TV show is your guilty pleasure?
“Grey’s Anatomy”

What is the last book you read?
“The Confession” by John Grisham

What is your theme song?
“The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow” from “Annie”. I really believe things will get better.