Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday November 20th 2018


Winners & Losers 3/31/11

During the 2008 election cycle, the writers at Comedy Central created definitions based on events in the political world and asked viewers to suggest words for those definitions for a feature that they called “There Ought To Be A Word” or “TOBaW” for short. The Lexicography Department of the IN news and media empire has come up with these 10 words that we believe will become part of the local political lexicon.

CONDAVISONCATION (noun) The act of suckering an entire city to believe you are something that you aren’t.

AQUADEMENTIA (noun) An overwhelming urge to build a world-class aquarium using old sewage tanks without any money or political support.

MACKED (verb) To be challenged by former Pensacola City Councilwoman Diane Mack on her blog.

HAYWARDAGES (noun) A collection of trite clichés that can be found in any Hayward speech: “Eyes to the Prize,” “World Class City” and “Day One.”

NAPOLEANITICAN (noun) A politician that thinks he or she is a big deal but is only an election defeat away from being a nobody.

PAPLAPED (verb) To be cross-examined, deposed or interviewed by attorney Mike Papantonio.

MALCOLMFLECT (verb) To shift the blame to someone other than yourself.

OPINE (verb) The way to fill a newspaper column about tales of closed restaurants, Yankee things and other opinions no one cares about.

MCNESBISTA (noun) A diehard Ron McNesby fan who still believes the two-term former sheriff will run again in 2012.

QUINTASTIC (adjective) Descriptions for a person or company that successfully hardwires the principles of the Studer Group.