Pensacola, Florida
Monday October 14th 2019



By Walker Holmes

Santa Rosa County public schools plan to institute a student draft for the 2011-12 school year. Teachers will pick in rotation the top FCAT students from the incoming class and hope to build a strong class score and earn fat bonuses from the school districts.

“With Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature tying teachers’ pay to scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, we felt an FCAT draft was the only fair way to divide up the classes,” said Henry Loonie, assistant superintendent of schools. “There will be risks, especially with the third-grade draft. Who knows how those kids will test when they reach the big leagues?”

The order of the draft, which will be done by grade, will be in the order of accumulative FCAT scores of the teacher’s class the prior year. To prevent a teacher from purposely sabotaging his FCAT tests, such as throwing an ice-cream party the morning of the test or forgetting to tell the students there will be a test, the three lowest scoring classes will be put in a lottery, and the principal will draw the order of the first three picks.

Teachers can pick up to three students out of their attendance zone, if they are willing to drive them to school every day. They can pick one sibling of a former student each draft.

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