Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 20th 2018


Eat Guide ’11

IN’s 2011 Best Places To Eat Right Now (According To Us)

For our 2011 Annual Spring EAT! Issue, IN staff, with a little help from some anonymous foodies, have put together the first ever “Top 50 Places to Eat Right Now”–according to us–based on food execution, staff, atmosphere and how the meal quality falls in line with cost. No one has ever attempted to put together such a list until now.

Dining is inescapably subjective. For some, a sublime meal is one with white linens on the table. For others, it’s a storefront run by an ambitious young chef eager to make his mark, while some find their bliss in comfort foods or a well-run chain restaurant. All of these experiences are represented on this list.

Some of you will love it. Some of you will hate it.

But alas, dear readers, you’ll have your chance to tell us YOUR favorites in our 2011 Best of the Coast Readers Poll coming up later this summer.

Believe us, it was tough to narrow down our favorite joints to 50, but we had to cut it off somewhere.

Bon Appétit!