Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Party On

Earth Day Celebrations Continue At Sluggo’s
by Sarah Kathleen McCartan

Director of Earth Day Pensacola Eric St. Pierre has discovered a way to keep celebrations extending well beyond daylight hours and into the night, through the addition of a so-called Earth Day After Party. This fundraising event brought to you by the Postscript Society will include visual pieces from several artists along with a range of solo musical talents, including a high-energy DJ set to complete the evening.

The Postscript Society began as a Zine comprised of Pierre plus a few friends but has evolved into what he refers to as “an activist resource, charity fundraising, artist promotion group.” The Earth Day After Party is the second event the group has organized, the first being a Prison Book Project fundraiser for Open Books. The proceeds from this Earth Day addition will benefit Emerald Coastkeeper, a local organization that utilizes education and advocacy to raise environmental awareness, and through support of its members, constantly fights to conserve and maintain our waterways.

The Sights
The artists contributing to this event will be showcasing more than just attractive pieces. Spread across a variety of mediums, the creations of three talented women are both inventive and inspiring.

“She Isn’t Real” is the artwork of Fantasy Dawn. Stimulated by the vast world of graffiti art, she has taken her own spin on street art, placing her paintings on the streets of diverse locales. These paintings are derived from a variety of inspirations; all unique and none of them lacking creativity. Her advice to the masses in regard to creating art is, “Go make art! Anything! Go do it! Put it out there for people to see!” This attitude has worked for her thus far, as she has received quite the positive response as a result of her works.

The art of Gwyn A.B. runs much more than skin deep, aiming to spread an important message and promote empowerment. Her set “Skin” uses women as painted canvases, shining light on the issue of equal rights, an issue that still has its hold over our society. She will have canvas photography from this set displayed at the event along with some additional selected pieces. Not only does her art embody her concern for societal issues, she is equally passionate about the environment, stating, “I believe that we owe it to the planet to keep it clean and nourished. We are the only animal that creates trash and disgusting toxins.”

Art can evoke a wide range of emotion, but when art pieces become directly effective in both changing and saving lives, they embody far greater depth. Kara Nasdor-Jones will be screening her brief animated film, “I Slept with Cookie Monster.” This award-winning piece delves into the prevalence of domestic violence and has been used among shelters and by the Department of Health and Human Services in Boston.
The Sounds
Audiophiles and all music enthusiasts, grab your dancing shoes. Not only will the Earth Day After Party be rich with effective eye-catching art, the party will continue on with ear-pleasing sounds brought to you by local musical talents.
Neither of the first two musical acts of the evening are strangers to the Pensacola music scene, particularly at Sluggo’s. Although he will also be returning to Sluggo’s the following night with his full band, Cosmonaut Ploy, Jean Carlos Gonzalez will be flying solo on this particular evening. Gonzalez describes his solo creations as both experimental and cinematic in nature. Gonzalez is looking forward to the set explaining, “Playing solo allows me to connect on a more personal level with the audience, and I’ve always loved that.”

Dustin Toney will be performing the “dancier” of his two current solo projects: “The Few that the Many Could Not Contain” and “Perconcussion.” Although acting as a matchup artist, unlike popular go-to names such as Girl Talk, Toney stated in regard to his vision for this particular endeavor, “I merge songs that most people are not familiar with, and in the process perhaps make them even more unfamiliar.” Toney has played at Sluggo’s for various projects and currently has an album in the works nearing its completion.

DJ Adam Sikes, who first performed in Pensacola at The Postscript Society’s Prison Books event, will be breaking out of the typical and carrying the evening into the late-night hours, spinning a well-executed set filled with nonstop energy. Sikes will be replacing vastly overdone Top 40 hits, incorporating some of the works of international renowned artists such as Justice and Tiesto into his mix, producing a more distinguished sound. His set will introduce a melodic, danceable blend of Electro, Drum and Bass and Club Trance.

WHEN: 8-11 p.m. Saturday, April 23
WHERE: Sluggo’s, 101 S. Jefferson St.
COST: $5