Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 26th 2018

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“Mission for The Musicians”

DeLuna Fest Lineup To Be Released Through A Scavenger Hunt and Concert After Party
By IN Staff

The wait for the DeLuna Fest lineup is almost over, and trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss the big reveal.
Instead of just a Facebook update or web broadcast, the DeLuna Fest team is stepping up their game this year and announcing the lineup via “Mission for the Musicians,” a scavenger hunt that will take place in downtown Pensacola on Tuesday, May 31.
Registration for teams will be from 5-6 p.m., and the hunt will kick off directly after at 6 p.m. Participants must have team names and I.D.’s ready at registration.
Local downtown businesses will provide clues to participants (teams of up to five) that will lead them to the grand revealing of the DeLuna Fest lineup. The starting point will be The Fish House—which means you can enjoy their Big Mix happy hour and live music by Lucas Crutchfield while getting ready for the game. The ending point will be at Seville Quarter’s Phineas Phogg’s.
Each team will race around Downtown Pensacola, visiting ten local businesses to gain “clues” to the next clue location. Along the trip, teams will participate in “fun obstacles” to gain the next clue—each with the names of five bands in the DeLuna Fest lineup.
At the end of the dash, participants will have ten cards and will know the names of 50 bands in the 2011 DeLuna Fest lineup. The first team to finish with all ten clues gets two tickets to the festival per person.
To gain entry into the after party, participants must have all ten cards. (Without them, you’ll have to wait until 9:30 p.m. to party.)
Two local bands, Eerie Rockwell and Mr. Fahrenheit, will play original songs as well as covers of songs by artists on the DeLuna Fest lineup.