Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


The First of Many Waltzes

Local Musicians Bring Collaboration of New Music to Vinyl
by Sarah Kathleen McCartan

It started as an idea. It became a band. The First Waltz is set to be a mid-week musical extravaganza, one that seems to be building up quite the buzz. The event will showcase local talents in the form of a collaboration of friends and family featuring Bow & Arrow, Paloma, Lucid Lions, and Aubrey Nichols & The Fun Friends.

Rather than a typical arrangement with a designated headliner and opener, there is not one set headliner for this collaborative eve. The night will progress much like a dance, both melodically and dynamically, with unexpected twists and turns and rhythmic changes. This will be the premier show for both Lucid Lions and Aubrey Nichols & The Fun Friends.

Although this particular arrangement of musicians is new to the music scene, individually they are not. Members of these projects have previously played in multiple musical endeavors over the past decade ranging from Mi Capitan to Reynosa. What is unique about this group is that although many have played with each other previously, with these new projects, they are creating something new.

At a time when the local music and art community is being redefined and reinvigorated, it is refreshing to have more artists pursuing what they love and sharing it. “Blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating this community. It is exciting to see where it goes from here.” These are just a few words guitar player Nathan Dillaha used in highlighting the efforts and passion behind the evening’s band members. Dillaha has found himself as the guitar player for three of the four bands of the evening: Bow & Arrow, Paloma and Aubrey Nichols & The Fun Friends. Somehow I succeeded in breaking him out of his busy schedule to gather a bit of insight on these new musical outlets, the state of the world and the evolvement of art.

IN: How would you define these new projects, so to speak?
DILLAHA: When it comes to art you have to constantly create to progress and keep up with your own advancing tastes. All of the members of these projects are doing just that. The level of the playing plus the vocals is what decides the sound for any given band.

IN: I know bands often hate comparing their sound to others.
DILLAHA: A lot of musicians say, “My music does not sound like anything that you’ve heard before.” The truth is, yes it does, you are just too lazy to describe it. I am also guilty of this at times. Honestly, everyone can come up with a creative artistic statement if they think about it long enough.

IN: So, would you consider these fusions of any members’ previous or current projects?
DILLAHA: Definitely. Also, in the case of Paloma, Gio creates his own unique infusion of a Latin rhythm. There are moving baselines, and the instruments complement each other really well rather than just playing off one another. Bow & Arrow can have a poppy, Americana feel at times, while at the same time it can also be somewhat heavier. (A lot of people are bipolar these days, including me, he jokes). As for Aubrey & The Fun Friends, next time it might be Glad Lads and so on. You get the picture. It is intended to be sort of a collective movement that changes each time, centered around music Aubrey has written. As far as Lucid Lions goes, if it is like the guys say it is going to be, which I have no doubt it will be, I can’t wait.

IN: What direction are these new groups heading?
DILLAHA: It all goes back to pursuing a passion. It is rewarding, and you get what you put in. The moment it does not become fun anymore, you should stop and reassess.

IN: It seems like the collaborative aspect of it is already off to a good start.
DILLAHA: It is. As far as touring goes, it’s like a two-for-the-price-of-one deal with all of the overlapping members. It simplifies the process, be it recording or touring costs. Plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt that we are all friends.

IN: What is it like playing with your brother again, in a new setup?
DILLAHA: We all grow to learn to understand each other in any band situation. This brotherhood bond eventually establishes itself over time; however, in this case it is already present.

IN: Any final remarks?
DILLAHA: Some of the most important things ever said, are the things that are never said at all. Art is a way of trying to be a better communicator if you think about it, communicating in a way the human soul understands. We are all trying to be better communicators.

It sounds like fans can eagerly await the possibility of some collaborative tours and recordings in the immediate future, along with upcoming shows to be announced. In the meantime, we urge you to step out of your Tuesday night routine and enjoy the waltz.

WHAT: Bow & Arrow, Paloma, Lucid Lions and Aubrey Nichols & The Fun Friends
WHEN: 9 p.m. Tuesday, June 7, Doors open at
8 p.m.
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $5 at the door (21+), additional $5 surcharge (18+)