Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday April 25th 2018

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Sandy Sansing’s ‘Customer-First’ Approach Helps Build the Community

The Sandy Sansing Automotive Group, which sells and services BMW, Chevrolet, Mazda, Mini and Nissan vehicles, brings customer service and community service together in a way that few others in the Pensacola area can match.

“We’ve been a Game Changer in that we treat customers with total respect,” says owner Sandy Sansing. “Our goal is to have a customer for life.”

“We will always try to go conquest new customers…but one of our goals is let’s keep our current customers happy, so they will come back a second, third, fourth and fifth time.”

Sansing’s commitment to quality customer service is far from lip service. He’s got the proof to back it up.

“Every manufacturer judges their dealers on customer satisfaction. Of the 450 (BMW) dealers, (Sandy Sansing BMW) was judged #1 in the nation six straight years in a row. Nobody’s ever done that.”

Sandy Sansing Nissan is also a multiple-time recipient of the Circle of Excellence, the manufacturer’s top prize for customer service.

“Only 30 dealers in America out of 1,500 win that award,” says Sansing. “And we are the only dealership in the United States to win it six years in a row.”

Sansing also believes that keeping his employees happy is equally important.

“In my business, the three greatest criteria are people, people, people. It’s my goal…to surround myself with the very best people I can find. I have been very blessed over the years with hiring and bringing on some wonderful people.”

“You’ll read a lot about customer satisfaction, and our stores are at the very top of that, but I believe the key to customer satisfaction is for me to have employee satisfaction.”

If customer satisfaction is Sansing’s top priority, then community involvement is a close second.

“I feel that I’m a steward of what God’s blessed me with, and we have been unbelievably blessed,” says Sansing. “For that reason, I love to give back and help people.”

Sansing is a major sponsor of Cram the Van, which provides school supplies to needy children. He’s also one of the largest contributors to Community’s Caring at Christmas, which collects toys and other items during the holidays and distributes them to less fortunate children.

“We’ve provided over 700 scholarships at Pensacola State College. I have been active with Gulf Coast Kid’s House. I’ve been a major contributor at the Waterfront Rescue Mission, on the Executive Committee at the Chamber of Commerce.

We sponsor 55 Little League baseball teams. I could go on and on.”

He continues, “That’s how we’ve been a Game Changer. The money and the time we’ve put back into the community to help other people.”

Sansing has seen the automotive industry undergo major changes during his 25 years in business. Technological advancements like the Internet and increased accountability from manufacturers have transformed the way cars are bought and sold.

“I think it’s a better business now,” says Sansing. “It’s better for the customers, because with the Internet they can be more knowledgeable. And dealers are doing a better job of focusing more on customer satisfaction.”

As for the future, Sansing is always looking to grow. He’s currently considering the purchase of two new dealerships and is committed to helping his employees advance through the company.

“We have moved a lot of people up. It’s a good upward trend for people who want to advance and stay in this local market.”

Sandy Sansing Automotive Group
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