Pensacola, Florida
Monday October 15th 2018


IN Music Interview: The Wonder Years

Pop Punks Invade Pensacola With New Found Glory

By Rob “Bubbs” Harris

The Wonder Years are a pop punk outfit from the always sunny city of Philadelphia. When it comes to being a hardworking band, not many others put as much into what they do as these young men do. With a string of EPs, split seven inches and a new full length album to share with us, the only logical step would be to tour as much as possible — which is exactly what The Wonder Years are doing.

Having just wrapped up one successful tour, TWY are hitting the road with New Found Glory, which will bring them to Seville Quarter and into our open arms. Guitarist Casey Cavaliere was good enough to chat with IN about the upcoming tour and their first time in Pensacola.

IN: You guys have been touring like mad lately. Are you getting any down time before striking out with New Found Glory?

Cavaliere: Yeah. Actually, we’re at home in Philly right now, but we are about to head out and do a few headlining shows before hitting the road with NFG.

IN: Have you ever toured or done any shows with NFG before?

Cavaliere: We played the Slam Dunk Festival over in the U.K., and New Found Glory were headlining that, but this is the first official time that we will be sharing a stage with them on a smaller scale. We met them briefly during that fest, and they were all really nice and cool, but this is our chance to actually make friends with them, which we are looking forward to very much. We’ve always been big fans of NFG, as most pop punk fans are, so it’s an honor to be hitting the road with them and spreading the good vibes.

IN: Quick question: is it always sunny in Philadelphia?

Cavaliere: It is right now. I love this place!

IN: Nice. Will your show on Aug. 31 be your first time through Pensacola?

Cavaliere: It will. We’ve played plenty of shows in Florida, but we have never been to Pensacola. Some of our friends that are in bands have played there and said that it was a really cool town and the crowds were really rad. I can’t wait. What is there to do there?

IN: Well, if you’re into history and old America, Pensacola has a lot of cool things to do. You’re already going to be parked at Seville Square, so just walk around downtown and check it out. There are a lot of cool old buildings and historical spots to check out, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you have time, I really suggest visiting the beach.


Cavaliere: We are. I, for one, have always been interested in learning a little bit about each new town we go to. History is a pretty cool subject that interests all of us. What about food, though? We are all very into finding good places to eat that you can’t find in every city.

IN: Like I said, just walk around downtown. There are several good spots to find some grub. I recommend The Global Grill if you dig tapas. Other than that, there are plenty of places to grab a good burger, or you can hit Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen and Taproom for some bangin’ pizza.

Cavaliere: Awesome. We’ll have to check that out. It sounds like we’re going to be pleased with Pensacola. I can’t wait.

IN: You guys stay busy. Aside from touring, you are putting out a bunch of splits and stuff. I guess you’re not one of those bands that likes to take it easy when you have free time.

Cavaliere: Definitely not. We are never not busy, or at least that’s how it seems. We wouldn’t have it any other way, though. In the beginning of the band, we could only work on things when we had breaks from school and work. Now that we have a lot more time to dedicate to the band, we are taking it as far as it will go. Even when we are out on tour, we are scoping out places to practice or play shows on the “off” dates. We also try to record as much as possible when we have the time. Ideas are always being tossed around by all of us, so we try to act on those ideas as quickly as possible so that we don’t forget about them. We recorded a few splits, including the cover song split with Fallen From The Sky, which we will have with us when we tour with NFG. I’m really excited to share our music with new crowds and make new fans and friends.

IN: It sounds like you have a full plate. Good luck with the tour and everything else. Thanks for the chat.

Cavaliere: Thank you. We look forward to a great show in Pensacola, and a great tour. We appreciate your support. See you at the show.


WHEN: 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 31

WHERE: Phineas Phogg’s in Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. COST: $17 advance, $19 day of