Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 20th 2018


A New Sound for a New Decade

New Jersey band Thursday returns with Colour Revolt
By Sarah McCartan

Thursday has made their way back to the Panhandle and will be taking the stage tonight, this time at Vinyl Music Hall alongside Colour Revolt. The two bands are currently on tour with Taking Back Sunday but are taking a timeout to grace Pensacola with their presence on one of their off nights. For tonight’s show they will be preceded by local acts Johnny Apple-Eyes and Scream Out Loud.

An entire decade after the release of “Full Collapse” and fresh off an anniversary tour honoring that album, Thursday has recently released their sixth full-length album “No Devolución,” quite possibly their most daring and most heartfelt to date. With the release of this new album it is clear that Thursday has established a new sound for the band, a direction that has been gradually hinted at for some time now, most notably in “A City by the Light Divided.” As the title of the new album signifies, this evolution is one of “no returns.”

That’s right, the same band whose first official show was in a New Jersey basement is the same band that was credited with mainstreaming emo and post-hardcore just after the turn of the century. Now this same band is delivering a much more melodic, atmospheric and experimental sound. Those who have followed Thursday for any length of time will find that although their sound has perhaps “grown up” or “settled down,” it is a far cry from being any less powerful or memorable.

IN was able to catch Geoff Rickly, lead vocalist/lyricist of Thursday for a few minutes while getting amped for their show at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Rickly shared feelings of honor to be finally playing at this particular venue, noting Aretha Franklin at the Fillmore to be a show he considers one of the best of all time. I had been very curious to hear what Rickly would have to say about this current tour lineup since the time it was announced.

IN: As far as this tour goes, it seems like three totally different fan bases. What has the response been like?
RICKLY: You have Thursday grounded in more of a weird underground hardcore. The Taking Back Sunday fan base is young, but they just love the music. Colour Revolt is much like something that is beautifully handmade. I didn’t know what to expect either but it has been a good reaction. The crowd seems to enjoy all three bands, so it’s been great so far.

IN: You guys recorded the album pretty quickly, in record speed in fact. Was there even time for specific inspirations to filter in?
RICKLY: It was more to the effect that we discussed what it sounded like after the fact. It is flattering to see what other people come up with to compare it to. It is interesting to hear what other people compare it to that we would have never thought of, especially touring abroad.

IN: Obviously the new album is very different than what older fans have previously identified as Thursday.
RICKLY: When it came to the new album, I had to get past feeling like we needed to bring in parts of old Thursday songs to make it sound the same. When I finally stopped pushing this so hard and trusted the band, we were able to create the album we felt comfortable with. I love hardcore and post-hardcore, but that’s not Thursday anymore. It is still my shit though. It is why I formed United Nations.(United Nations is Rickly’s underground side project comprised of members from various other bands. The group has managed to maintain a level of secrecy as far as involvement is concerned.)

IN: Have your feelings about the album changed now that it is completed and has been released?
RICKLY: We all love the record. We just want people to understand it. It seems like they do. Some of our other albums definitely took time to understand, but with this one it is immediate. And people are already cheering us to play the songs from it. They already know it.

IN: Pensacola is excited to have you guys back. Are you playing any other smaller shows?
RICKLY: We are. We like to keep busy on the off days. I started out doing basement shows even before Thursday existed. This is our scene. We love the small town scene.

(Also, neither of us could believe Thursday had not been back to Pensacola since 2004 and my, how things have changed, and my, how much younger we both were then.)

IN: I know you guys just came off a “Full Collapse” anniversary tour, but can we expect any oldies sneaking into tonight’s line up?
RICKLY: Of course. We can’t forget the past 12 years. It is still us. We are still proud of it. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t still be a band.

WHAT: Thursday and Colour Revolt, featuring Johnny Apple-Eyes and Scream Out Loud
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 7 (Doors at 7 p.m.)
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $14 in advance, $16 at the door
DETAILS: All ages, tickets available locally at Blues Angel Music, Revolver Records and online at For more information, visit