Pensacola, Florida
Sunday June 16th 2019


DK Summer Cooking Classes for Kids

This year, Distinctive Kitchens is committed to bringing you the most exciting and educational cooking classes for children—offering a wide variety of subjects that will teach kids kitchen safety, weights & measures, sanitary practices, working with recipes and more.

Press Release: Cooking is always a hands-on experience for our Distinctive Kids at Distinctive Kitchens (DK) where we encourage young chefs in-training to learn in classes designed especially for them. Whether your child desires to be your resident go-to chef or aspires to be the next Food Network Star, our Distinctive Kids culinary experiences provide a fun, creative outlet in the DK Culinary Theater!

At DK, we continue our commitment to present challenging, entertaining, and downright-fun culinary experiences for children and their families. DK partners with Mike and Jacki Selby of Kaleidoscope Associates to design and deliver our Distinctive Kids’ Club classes, camps and special events. These culinary experiences provide “edutainment” to children ages four and older, combining education and entertainment integrating all aspects of food and its preparation.

While our culinary experiences are designed for children ages 4 and older, even adults can join in the fun for a unique bonding experience in our family classes and culinary play dates.

Check out the schedule.