Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 20th 2018


Letter: Fish hatcheries and cruise ships

Dear Sir :

I think that the recent decision of the Pensacola City Council to fund and build a fish hatchery on the Pensacola Bayfront was an excellent idea-

But since they had two locations from which to choose for this new asset to Pensacola , many of us wished they had chosen the other one instead–

At the Port of Pensacola across from the foot of South Palafox St–

Then we would not have lost that prime piece of waterfront real estate at the foot of Coyle St formerly known as Bruce Dry Dock–
With it’s 100 year old pre- dredged channel out to the main ship channel in the bay–

Bruce Dry Dock–

A 5-acre parcel of the Trillium property (now owned by the city ) which we think could have been used for something better perhaps –like a pier or wharf for Cruise ships someday, for example –

Or as that free pier (and a ferry boat to Fort Pickens) which the Department of Interior offered to give Pensacola several years ago–

Unfortunately, Ivan hit soon afterward and the down town leaders at that time failed to follow up on this offer -

That offer from Interior could probably still be obtained by some of our present downtown leaders –if they asked-
Or if Jeff Miller did, Perhaps –

A free ferry boat with daily service to Fort Pickens and the National Seashore !!

What a tourist attraction for downtown Pensacola that would have been !!–

Maybe even complete with a nearby Visitors Center with a little walking park –
Built and maintained by the National Park Service –if Congressman Miller suggested it ?

Why not ?

Arguably, that could have been a real tourist draw for downtown Pensacola–.

And maybe even a cruise ship or two would have docked there in a few years, as well
(As we approach the 500th anniversary of De Luna’s landing here)–

Pensacola a port of call for tourists from all over the world ?
Again, why not ?

Unfortunately, the idea never took off–
Or more likely, the Downtown Powers that be never thought of it-


To whom it may concern–
(Including those who will vote next year) –

Your thinking caps–
Don’t leave home without them.


Ralph C. Peterson, Pensacola