Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday April 25th 2018

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Winners & Losers 7/21/11


CMPA The Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees won another legal battle last week when Federal Judge Casey Rodgers denied the motion by Maritime Park Development Partners, LLC to dismiss the lawsuit CMPA brought against MPDP, which alleged fraud in the inducement, negligent misrepresentation and violation of Florida’s competitive bidding statute.

ASHTON HAYWARD The Pensacola mayor fulfilled another campaign pledge with the announcement of his recommendation to rollback the millage rate. His proposal cuts property tax rates by 5.5 percent, or a quarter millage point. The move allows the city to still operate a balanced budget, and combined with reduced property value assessments, cuts $973,300 from the upcoming budget year.

LARRY STRAIN The executive director of the UWF Small Business Development Center has been named Florida Star of the Year by Florida Small Business Development Center Network. The award is for the employee whose contributions were exemplary for new program development, innovative special projects, client impact and/or overall Network performance. Last year, Strain quickly mobilized resources to assist businesses impacted by the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Primary liaison with Florida First Capital Finance Corporation, he led the organization of the Florida Emergency Bridge Loan Program. He was personally responsible for 163 bridge loans worth $4.3 million resulting in more than 1,700 jobs.


DIANE MACK The former Pensacola City Council and current Pensacola Redistricting Commission member blasted Supervisor of Elections David Stafford for fulfilling a public record request by the Independent News without making sure she received the document first. Mack proceeded to lecture Stafford on Florida public record law, only to apologize when she realized she had misinterpreted the law.

RUPERT MURDOCH The media mogul and the chairman and CEO of News Corporation, which owns Fox News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post and several British newspapers, is watching his media empire crumble over a phone hacking scandal that has led to the shutting down of one newspaper, News of the World. Members of his senior leadership and legal counsel here and in Great Britain have resigned. Unfortunately, Steve Doocy of “Fox & Friends” wasn’t one of the resignations.

CRA The Community Redevelopment Agency has been working on “Project Press,” a proposal to help a local business expand and create 100 jobs, since it approved it in October 2009. Mayor Hayward announced last month that he had worked with the chamber to move the project forward. Instead of supporting the effort, CRA members have succeeded in stalling it for another month, even though they had unanimously approved the proposal nearly two years ago. Economic development can’t be done by committee.