Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


Manchester Orchestra

Much More than Alcohol, Dirty Malls, Pensacola Florida Bars
By Sarah McCartan

Call it Southern hospitality or just small-town tradition. Porch conversations seem to have a way of bringing out the finest stripped down, real deal, quality conversation. The IN edition of porch conversations—with Manchester Orchestra drummer Tim Very—proved no different.

Many nationally recognized acts will be making their way down to our beaches in October for Second Annual DeLuna Fest; However, not all of these acts have as close of a tie to the area as others—this one in particular. The local connection for the Atlanta-based band has grown even stronger thanks to the recent addition of Very, who has considered Pensacola a hometown since his teenage years.

Somewhere between bouncing “off the record” and back on, coupled with a lot of laughs and talk of the best of Pensacola’s memorable shows, the IN landed the inside scoop on everything from Very’s initial introduction to Manchester to “Simple Math,” the new album.

IN: Honestly, I don’t even know exactly when it was you started playing with Manchester. I feel like I am behind the curve. It was last year right?
VERY: Yeah. Around July 2010. And it’s kind of crazy, I actually got to do press stuff with them before I even played with them. We are on this back page of Rolling Stone somewhere and Andy (Andy Hull, vocals, guitar) likes to point that out to me, saying, “You got to be in Rolling Stone before you ever played a note with us!”

IN: How would you describe your experience as a part of Manchester Orchestra thus far?
VERY: It has been jumping into this thing like it’s a moving train. All of my first-time experiences were full-force things, like “David Letterman,” where I had no idea how to be prepared for that stuff.

IN: Would you say playing on “David Letterman” has been your biggest sort of, BIG moment?
VERY: It definitely was a big one, especially since I got all that camera time, you know. People love to bring that up too, and I definitely was on there a lot… because the choir was behind me. Since they have done it a few times they were stoked for me to get to have an experience like that.

IN: As far as the new album goes, do you guys feel like you’ve gotten a good response?
VERY: Definitely. Especially because nowadays you never know how the Internet world is going to respond. Some bands try different stuff, and maybe “Simple Math” is different than a lot of the past music Manchester has put out. It definitely has a lot more dynamics going on. We didn’t know how kids were going to immediately respond to that, but all in all the response has been really positive. Also, I think the video helped a lot. Putting it out with “Simple Math” the song was a great way to show people a band could do more than turn it up to 11 and scream really loud.

IN: Do you feel that all the members’ influences were included in the album since it has been labeled a concept album of things Andy has experienced? (I mean, I may have done my reading, off the record.)
VERY: Andy is the songwriter of the band, but some songs came out of just jamming and letting the recording sessions just run. It was really kind of an easy process somehow. We had a quick writing process. Andy let me come into the band as a new drummer and do a lot of “pushing it” drum stuff on the record, then he totally let it fly. It has all been a creative development process, me coming into the band.

IN: Obviously what everyone really wants to hear is just how excited you guys are to play DeLuna Fest. I mean, no pressure. Ha.
VERY: For me it will seem like a hometown show. Plus, the music that has come out of this area definitely had a heavy influence on early Manchester and Manchester today, even though it’s become its own thing, too. It is crazy to still be on Pensacola’s radar after all this time, but it will be cool to come back and express thanks to Pensacola for being a part of Manchester’s past and supporting us. I think Pensacolians will be pumped Manchester is coming back.

WHEN: October 13-16
WHERE: Pensacola Beach
COST: $149.95 General Admission
Weekend Passes (in advance)