Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday June 20th 2018




Do any of you remember when the “Techno Rave” scene was really big in the late 90s and early 2000s? It was a fad that was doomed from the start, because there was no heart in the music or the scene. It was more or less a way for buzz seekers to go and get high and fit in with a crowd that was doing the same thing. Outside of the DJ’s and those making electronic music, there really wasn’t a big market for electronic music, and the scene died out as quickly as it appeared. Fast forward about a decade, and now there is a resurgence coming from all fronts, without all of the lame drug culture, and they call this movement Dub-Step.

This new electronic sound is fast becoming one of the most popular styles of music, especially those who like to dance and have fun late into the night. What was once a small offshoot in the world of electronic music has snowballed into one of the most popular styles of music out there, period. Clubs have been filling up at a rapid rate for events with the Dub-Step moniker attached. Even big venues that normally shun local showcases are quick to open their doors to local Dub-Step artists, as it pretty much guarantees an enormous crowd. There are several talented artists on the Pensacola circuit, as well as in our neighbor to the west, Mobile. Electronic music makers from both cities have been sharing each other’s venues and stages for some time now, so the time has come to have both towns step into the arena of musical combat. Pensacola vs. Mobile was held on the other’s home turf, so now it’s time for Pensacola to try and gain the home field advantage.

“Mobile and Pensacola have a close connection, as far as their music scenes go,” says Mechanikal Element member and promoter Randal Knight. “Bands and artists from both cities have been helping each other out for as long as anyone can remember. This Dub-Step scene has blown up very quickly, and we thought it would be fun to put some of the best from both areas together and battle it out. The first one was held in Mobile, so it’s Pensacola’s turn now.”

Pensacola vs. Mobile II will be held at Vinyl Music Hall. “This isn’t the same scene from a decade or so ago,” says Knight. “I think the whole drug label attached to electronic music killed it off back then, but this new wave has nothing to do with all of that. This is about having a good time, which people still love to do. You can go to a Dub-Step show and dance all night without having to worry about sleazy people touching you or blowing Vick’s inhalers in your face. It’s just good, clean fun. I also think it’s cool that we have some artists on the bill that still play other forms of electro.

Nowadays, some of the younger people who are getting into the scene have only heard Dub-Step, because that’s what’s popular now, so it’ll be cool to introduce them to some different sounds that they might not have been able to hear before.”

Some of the best and brightest from both towns will be rocking the crowd at Pensacola vs. Mobile II, but the big surprise is a headlining performance by internationally renowned artist Computer Club, who will be closing things out with a bang. So, if you love to dance and party all night, this is right up your alley. Check it out and support the united Gulf Coast music scene.

WHAT: Dub-Step Show
WHEN: 10 p.m. Saturday, July 30
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $10