Pensacola, Florida
Monday March 25th 2019


Outtakes 8/4/11

IN GETS NEW LOOK Change is a good thing, especially at the Independent News. Our art director Samantha Crooke, with the help of our production manager Joani Delezen and sales director Jennifer Passeretti, has been working long hours in redesigning Pensacola’s hometown newspaper.

The last big redesign was in 2006, by then art director Justin Griffith. We have a tradition at the Independent News of every art director picking his or her successor. Each one has chosen someone who can take the paper in a different, more creative direction. Samantha carries a heavy burden and huge expectation as the IN art director.

Joani is the driving force behind the ad design and production of the paper. She started in 2005 working in a makeshift office in the storage room of Distinctive Kitchens after a rainstorm flooded our temporary offices in Warrington.

Samantha and Joani have scoured other publications from Rolling Stone to Esquire to The Gambit searching for layouts and designs that will take our newspaper to another level. They have attended seminars on fonts and tested dozens of different designs.

Jennifer Passeretti, who doubles as our copy editor, also played a role, offering her opinions and bringing ideas to the table.

Me? I stayed out of the way. This is a young paper. I respect Samantha, Joani and Jennifer’s ideas.

The goal has been to give the IN a fresh look, playing off our strengths and removing some of the weaker elements. We also wanted to make this a fun read, while still pushing the envelope with our writing.

There is more emphasis on news and our cover stories. We’ve added more staff picks and recommendations for what’s happening on the A&E scene. Last Word has been replaced with My Pensacola, in which readers share their favorite restaurants, shops, bars and events. We are also adding a monthly food column, and the history column is getting a new writer.

The most notable casualties are the classifieds and the crossword puzzle. To head off the angry phone calls, we’ve included the answers to the July 28 puzzle.

Please let us know what you think about the new look. We hope you will enjoy it.