Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday August 14th 2018


A&E Picks of the Week 8/4/11

Ted Leo at The Handlebar
That’s right, we said Ted freaking Leo. At the freaking Handlebar. The show isn’t until Nov. 3, but tickets are on sale now. And if you’ve ever been to Handlebar before, you know that an indie icon like Mr. Leo is going to more than pack out that joint, so we suggest buying yours sooner rather than later.

Restaurant Week: 3 Restaurants, 3 Menus, 3 Courses, $33
The only thing better than dining at The Fish House, Jackson’s Steakhouse or Atlas Oyster House is dining at one (or all three) of these places during their annual Restaurant Week, where you get to enjoy a fixed-price dinner menu featuring seasonal and local ingredients. Aug. 9-13,

Block Party Wedding Giveaway
Unless you are living under some kind of rock without Facebook, we’re sure you’ve heard all about the Block Party Wedding Giveaway. But the real question is, “Have you voted for your favorite couple yet?” You have until midnight this Sunday, Aug. 7 to show some love for our favorite freeloading lovebirds.

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