Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday April 24th 2018

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DeLuna Fest Band That You Really Oughta Know: Cut Copy

Sounds like: A perfect mix of dance-rock and rock-dance—meaning just enough guitars so you always know they’re there & just enough electronica to keep you dancing.

For Fans Of:  Daft Punk, Bloc Party, MGMT, Peter, Bjorn and John

Band Since: ’01

Representing: Melbourne, Australia

Most Recent Album: Zonoscope, released in Feb. ’11

Random Fun Fact:  Cut Copy was originally formed as a solo project for Dan Whitford (who handles vocals, keyboard and guitar)

Most Downloaded Song (according to iTunes):
Lights & Music

Most Download Worthy Songs (according to the IN music team):
Need You Now & Where I’m Going

Notable Tours And Gigs: They’ve toured with Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Junior Senior and Bloc Party

Ever Played Pensacola Before:
Not that we remember (or can find proof of on the internet). So it looks like DeLuna Fest will be their first local show.

Why You Should Like Them:  Because sometimes you just need to let go, have fun and dance. Cut Copy will help you do just that.

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