Pensacola, Florida
Monday August 20th 2018


The Buzz 8/11/11

HAYWARD STREAMLINES At his State of the City address, Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward announced his reorganization plan for city hall.

To accelerate his economic development efforts, Hayward recommended the establishment of the Office of Economic Opportunities and Sustainability, which will be tasked with developing and implementing policies for economic development projects, and partnering with other entities to develop public and private funding sources for job-creating projects. This new cabinet-level position will oversee the Departments of Housing, the Division of Inspections, and the Division of Planning.

Specifically, he is consolidating the Library and Parks and Recreation Departments, as well as the Neighborhoods Division of the Community Development Department, to form the new Office of Neighborhood Services. This new structure will put all of our neighborhood and neighborhood-serving departments and staff under one management structure, and will be led by the Director of Neighborhood Services.

The mayor also recommended the creation of a Chief of Neighborhoods to coordinate resources, policies and activities across all City Departments to the benefit of Pensacola’s neighborhoods. The Department of Neighborhood Services will oversee the Library, Parks and Recreation, and Neighborhoods departments.

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