Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


Rant & Rave 8/11/11

IN: NEXT BIGGEST LOSER Who ever picks these Winners & Losers (Independent News, July 28) should consider IN as the Next Big Loser! Saying Allen West is a loser and dislikes women is just bad reporting. Because someone disagrees with Congresswoman Wasserman (a true loser) does not make them a woman hater as you stated.–Joe Wanek, Pensacola

IMPACT APPRECIATION Thank you–Thank you–Thank you! The IMPACT article (Independent News, “Move Over Boys,” July 28) is fantastic. Stephanie Sharpe did a wonderful job telling the story in a way that really highlights the magic of this organization. I am often asked by women (and men) from various communities around the country to explain how we work and why we’ve been so successful–from the beginning to now. Going forward, I can simply forward them this article.
I also want you to know how impressed I was with Stephanie. She arrived for our interview right on time; she was engaging in her approach and questioning to better understand IMPACT; and finally, her style and flow in sharing our story was right on target. I can’t imagine that anyone else could have done it better. My compliments and appreciation to you and your team, especially Stephanie, for making this happen.
I appreciate you. Thanks again for giving IMPACT the space and for assigning Stephanie to tell our story.–Debbie Ritchie, Pensacola

CROSS OVER CROSSWORD What, no crosswords? This means I will no longer have to rush to the Scenic 90′s Cafe on Thursdays to pick up the IN. Or maybe not pick it up at all. How could you do this? It boggles the imagination. Disgusted.–Ray McClean

MORE KUDOS: Thank you so much for the Impact article in today’s edition! It is well written and tells our story to a T!! I know your inbox will be flooded with emails from our membership, so I apologize for adding another, but just wanted to say how much we appreciate your coverage.–Cyndi Dawson, Impact 100 Treasurer, Pensacola

APPROVE AT&T MERGER Halfway through 2011, America and Florida continue to struggle to find solutions that will stimulate our respective economies and get us back to work. For Floridians, frustration results directly from the state’s high unemployment rate ( HYPERLINK “” 10.6 percent) and low economic growth.
One way to help jumpstart the economy is through the expansion of broadband access. In his State of the Union address, the President pledged to bring high-speed wireless broadband to 98 percent of Americans within the next five years. This is a noble goal, but one that we should not and do not have to ask taxpayers to fund.
Part of the answer is private investment, including quick approval of the pending merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, which will unleash billions of dollars into improving AT&T’s communications infrastructure.
In March, AT&T announced plans to merge with T-Mobile for $39 billion. Under terms of the agreement, which is currently under review by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), AT&T agreed to invest an additional $8 billion over seven years to enhance its 4G LTE network.
There is little doubt that access to high-speed Internet is vital for businesses.
Florida business owners help to drive economic growth and they aren’t turning to the government to solve their problems in a stalled economy.
Policymakers can’t create the jobs, but they can create the right environment for it. Prompt approval of this merger could improve our infrastructure and the business climate in our state, which is why Florida lawmakers should support this proposal and do everything they can to encourage the FCC to approve it.–John Hallman, Founder, The Florida Taxpayers Union, Tallahassee