Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


Empowerment Through Extensions

By Sarah McCartan

There are many things today that are seen as empowering resources for women—but extensions? Step through the door at STYLE Downtown, and immediately you are greeted by a group of stylists who are no strangers to hair extensions. In fact, they are all rocking the beautiful, long healthy locks themselves thanks to these attractive additions.

However, the women of STYLE are going far beyond killer haircuts, styles and extensions simply for the sake of style. They are now bringing their salon mission of supporting the community and their passion for making people feel their best to a whole new life-changing level. Under the lead of salon co-owner Cortney Campus, STYLE is helping individuals dealing with hair loss from cancer treatment turn over a new leaf and find empowerment once again through the newly launched e-book “The Long and Short of It: Hair Extensions”. This e-book showcases the world of opportunity for post-chemotherapy hair, taking hair extensions to greater lengths as a means of supporting the restoration of health and well-being.

What started with one concerned individual inquiring about the state of her sister’s post-chemo hair quickly grew into an idea that has come to fruition. The e-book introduces the story of local resident Susan Wagner and provides information on how hair extensions can meet a variety of needs, serving as hair replacement throughout various stages of the chemotherapy recovery process.

For Wagner, extensions have enabled her to embark on a new stage of her life. Campus is pleased to have been a part of this transformation and is even more pleased to be able to share it with the community and over time, with a larger audience. “We’re women, and it could happen to any of us. Now we are starting to get involved in making strides, and we want to do more breast cancer fundraising. It is a whole new door we are opening up,” she explained.

During what can be a frustrating and often dark time, seeing hair growth that in no way, shape or form resembles their hair previously, can be unsettling to many women. Adding to the frustration, basic research on the Internet yields answers that are strictly medical. As a result, many women end up with hair far different than what they started with, while only desiring to feel like themselves again. Many consider driving miles for consults or settle for buying a plethora of wigs or scarves.

There are many misconceptions of what can and can’t be done with post-chemo hair, along with what is available right here in town. Having done hair for women throughout the whole process—before, during and after treatment—Campus uses her experiences within her e-book to shed some light on the topic.

Thanks to a walk-in encounter, Campus was tipped off to a company STYLE now uses for all extensions, Hotheads. Hotheads hair extensions are high quality, made of real hair and are seamless. In addition, they last up to a couple months at a time. Of course, the book is gracious enough to list the dos and don’ts to maintain proper care. Regardless of the reason behind hair loss, this company offers a wide variety of extensions that are proving to be suitable for both men and women.

It must be noted that the e-book is not just for women who are considering extensions. It is also full of firsthand experiences with what to expect from post-chemo hair, plus information pertaining to hair strength and health, useful no matter what direction you decide to go. The e-book enables you to decipher what you are a candidate for based on where you are in the hair loss or re-growth process. Campus hopes this is just the beginning of a wonderful opportunity to help more women return to hair that they love and feel happy calling their own. As Campus shares in the book, “One day we hope to have a cure, but in the meantime I am honored to be part of these incredible journeys of rediscovery, beauty and hope.”

Be sure to check out the e-book, which is now viewable at For details or additional information call STYLE Downtown at 497-6648.