Pensacola, Florida
Friday May 25th 2018


Winners & Losers 9/8/11

The Quantum Quiz cubicle of the Winners & Losers division of the downtown Pensacola branch office of the Independent News media and entertainment empire has scoured the blog entries and newspaper articles of the summer of 2011 and come up with this quiz to test how well you followed the news these past three months. Enjoy!

1. The Florida Department of Education issued grades for the state’s school districts. What grade did Escambia County receive?


2. What was the code name for the undercover child sex sting operation that nabbed 25 men?
A. Operation Blue Shepherd
B. Operation Blue Bayou
C. Operation Little Boys Blue
D. Operation Blue Lights

3. Which reporter is still working for the local television station or newspaper?
A. Mark O’Brien
B. Dan Thomas
C. Reggie Dogan
D. Troy Moon

4. Which local lawmaker was accused along with Department of Transportation officials of allowing a billboard company to cut trees on the state right-of-way and build signs without necessary permits?
A. Clay Ingram
B. Greg Evers
C. Matt Gaetz
D. Clay Ford

5. What food have researchers found contains two common ingredients that can boost memory function?
A. Pizza
B. Sushi
C. Tacos
D. Chicken Cordon Bleu

6. What’s the name of the new News Journal promotion that offers “new and unique daily deals business”?
A. Bella Buffet
B. Goat Pensacola
C. Deal Chicken
D. Pull My Finger

7. What’s the name of the cable show that broadcasted an episode about the owners of The Fish House?
A. “American Pickers”
B.  “Hoarders”
C. “Hell’s Kitchen”
D. “WWE Raw”

8. What did the Merrill brothers get for their time on the cable show?
A. A year’s supply of crinkle-cut fries
B. Darth Vader costume
C. A model of a ship
D. A model from “Project Runway”

9. What’s the name of the major headliner for DeLuna Fest?
A. Lincoln Park
B. Cadillac Bank
C. Cadillac Park
D. Linkin Park

10. Which Pensacola City Council member earned the nickname “Moses” for leading an exodus from a budget workshop?
A. Sam Hall
B. Brian Spencer
C. Larry Johnson
D. Sherri Myers

11. Which one of these people has not filed to run in the District 3 Escambia County Commission race?
A. Lumon May
B. Marie Young
C. Hugh King
D. Annie Thomas‐Walker

12. Which school did Superintendent Malcolm Thomas not close this year?
A. Hallmark
B. Spencer-Bibbs
C. Allie Yniestra
D. A.K. Suter

Answers: 1)B, 2)A, 3)D, 4)B, 5)C, 6)C, 7)A, 8)C, 9)D, 10)B, 11)B, 12)D