Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


My Pensacola—Nora Jones

Name: Nora Jones
Day Job: Clever Ogre
Pensacola Resident Since: 1988

Good Eats:
I’m a sucker for hummus, and every time I walk into Hopjacks I order it. And it doesn’t help that the kitchen never closes before 2 a.m., so when I’m craving a late night snack I know I can go up there in my pj’s and won’t be judged.

During football season, I like to go to The Break for their drink specials and their fantastic wings. If you have never had their wings you are missing out, because they are to die for – honey BBQ, please. I love Sunday Fundays up there, too! They usually have a table set out full of food, i.e. hot dogs, chili, chips and dip etc…and it’s FREE.

About once a month my boyfriend and I will go to Shan Kishi in Gulf Breeze for Hibachi. We just love that place. They are so friendly and entertaining, and the food is fantastic! They also have some of the best Sushi I have ever had.

I love living in East Hill, and a major perk is that I live down the street from City Grocery. They have my favorite sandwich EVER! The St. Charles…turkey and Gouda – ah it is sooo Gooda! Plus, if I want a Sessions (it’s a beer) or glass of good wine with my lunch, I have that option. I think they encourage it. Oh, and don’t forget to get a sandwich punch card.

Retail Therapy:
First off, I hate shopping for clothes, but I was very excited when Indigeaux opened up downtown because they have the styles I like. Plus, the owner is so friendly…I never see her without a smile on her face.

I will hold on to a purse until the straps break, it begins to discolor, or my boyfriend says “I think you need to get a new purse”. So when it was time to retire, my beloved friend and I stopped into Intracoastal Outfitters and, lo and behold, there she was, a beautiful green Kavu purse. She goes everywhere with me, even if I’m dressed to the nines. Thanks, Wes, for introducing us.

Now for my dangerous retail habit; buying music. When I lived near Best Buy I would go there almost once a week, just for some new tunes. Thankfully, I moved far away so it wasn’t as easy for me to hop on over. Then, Revolver Records opened up downtown. I have sort of moved away from CDs and have a newfound love of vinyl. If Eric doesn’t have it on vinyl he will find it for me. Thank you, Eric, for opening another music shop. I really missed your East Hill CD exchange.

Watering Holes:
Working in the bar industry for almost 10 years, I have made friends with at least one bartender at almost every bar from the beach to downtown. As a bartender, you have to spread the love so that those bartenders will come see you and do the same. When I am on the beach for my Sunday Funday, I start off at The Break where I can usually find Brooks Hubbard looping it up or Timberhawk belting out some “Wagon Wheel”. Then, I gotta go to Paddy’s and hopefully catch Seamus so I don’t have to do a car-bomb by myself. Last stop of the day is Paradise, just the name needs no explanation.

Gotta show love to one of my jobs which is bar tending one night a week at The Wisteria. I have worked there for almost two years, and just can’t give it up. Not to mention having one of the coolest bosses who lets me taste the new beer on tap as soon as I get to work. I have to taste it so I can explain to the customer how it tastes. Sometimes, if I get off early enough at the Wiz, I’ll go up to The Azalea to have a night cap and say hi to Charles.

Lately, it has been too hot to go to the beach. I know, right? So, we will do Sunday Funday at Ozone. Hello, $3 margarita.

Downtown on a Friday or Saturday night, we usually start at Blazzues. After that we head down to Play and always end the night at Intermissions.

One of my favorite things to do is walk out on Quietwater Boardwalk at night and check out the water. I love trying to catch a glimpse of some marine life. Once, I saw a baby sting ray. So cool!

Another hot spot for me is the Gulf Pier. I always hope to see some dolphins or a giant sea turtle. I like turtles!

Arts & Culture:
Gallery night is one of the best events I think downtown has, but have you checked out Palafox Market? I’m pretty stoked that it is in the top ten medium-sized markets in the country!
Hot Glass Cold Beer is a pretty cool event at the Belmont Art Center. Various glass blowers display their art and do some demonstrations. With your entry fee, you get a hand blown glass mug and they will put beer in it for free!

Never Miss Events/Festivals:
I never miss The Pensacola Arts Festival. I have gone every year since I was a child and even volunteered for a few years. My excuse to go in the past few years is so that I can see the artist Sharon Johnston. She makes jewelry with interchangeable round gems so, every year I must get more.

Blue Angels weekend because I love the sound of jet engines and jumping every time they do that one maneuver from behind. Even though I have seen them a million times, that one still gets me.

Surfers Memorial because all the proceeds benefit the Pensacola Beach School and it is good to remember those we have lost.