Pensacola, Florida
Sunday June 24th 2018


Ladytron takes Electropop to the Stage

By Jennie McKeon

She feels like a really good live show offers the audience something to look at. There’s just one little problem.

“We don’t dance,” said Reuben Wu, keyboardist and one of the founding members of Ladytron.

But who needs the visual eye-candy of dancing? On the stage, Ladytron paints a picture with sound.

What’s great about a Ladytron set is that you get a completely different experience live than you would just listening to the album. The band has struggled for years to re-create their electronic-pop sound on stage.

“It’s taken us a long time to get to a point where we were happy with our live sound,” Wu said. “We were just trying to re-create our music and it didn’t have the same punch. We have a lot of components in our music and only a finite number of hands.”

It was around 2004 that Ladytron found a happy-medium between the studio and live versions of their music.

“We realized that it’s not just about good music on stage, but combining the blueprints of the original music and making live music,” Wu said. “We added live drums and guitars and since then the live shows have become their own being.”

Ladytron are all about progression. After 12 years together and their fifth album — “Gravity the Seducer,” set to release Tuesday, Sept. 13 —  the band is still creating sounds that are unbeknownst to even the biggest of fans. Wu describes their last album “Velocifero,” from 2008, as having “a lot of driving energy.” With “Gravity the Seducer,” it’s almost as if the band has reached their destination.

“It’s more laid back,” Wu said. “I think with every record we produce we do something original. We wanted this to be different, less of a conventional Ladytron album and something more cinematic.”

Ladytron also consists of Helen Marnie, handling lead vocals and synthesizers, Mira Aroyo, also on vocals and synthesizers, and Daniel Hunt, synthesizers, electric guitar and vocals. Even though a decade has passed, the band is still as laid back as their latest album. No Fleetwood Mac drama here.

“It’s a stable equilibrium,” Wu said. “If someone’s pissed off they’ll find their own space.”

While many bands consist of a quartet of dirty boys, Ladytron has two girls who contribute to the stability. And let’s face it, the tour bus is most likely cleaner thanks to them.

“It’s not that clean, but clean enough,” Wu said.

Deluna Fest will mark the first time Ladytron has been to the Panhandle. The band already has high expectations based on their previous Florida encounters.

“I’m looking forward to the show [at Deluna Fest],” Wu said. “Generally, Florida crowds are amazing.”

Even after all that Ladytron has accomplished, Wu hopes to see many other firsts in the band’s future.

“We would really love to branch out and work on other projects,” Wu said. “We want to push ourselves and expand our creative horizon.”

WHEN: Oct. 13-16
WHERE: Pensacola Beach
COST: $189.95 General Admission Weekend Passes (in advance)