Pensacola, Florida
Sunday June 17th 2018


Skate Park Art

By Jennie McKeon

Most art galleries don’t have skateboarders wheeling around the art. Most art galleries feature art that is done on a traditional canvas and hung on a blank, white wall.

But that’s the beauty of Gallery Night. You can experience an array of art and break free of what is considered traditional and expected. At Waterboyz you can experience the unexpected on Gallery Night Friday Sept. 16. Instead of blank, white walls, artists start with a blank surfboard or skateboard.

“The art doesn’t necessarily have to be skate or surf inspired, but art has been a big part of the skate and surf scene for many years so it’s very likely it will be the subject matter for some of the works of art,” said Kyle Schmitz, graphic designer at Waterboyz in an e-mail interview.

The idea from the show came from artist Catherine Nichols who partnered with Waterboyz for the event. Artists have until Monday, Sept. 12 to submit their art. Best in show wins $250. The Tricked Out Art Show will also feature a live mural painting and music. Those who attend will also have the chance to design their own shirts and have it screen-printed for them.

Some artists to look out for include: Ashton Howard, Famous Gabe of Hula Moon Tattoo, Ben Bogan, Kris Markovich, and Ukiah Myers.

Waterboyz does have one thing in common with traditional galleries. That’s diversity.

“We hope the show will blend the varied, eclectic styles of Pensacola’s artists with the hardcore edge, creative verve and ecological awareness of the surf and skate culture,” said Courtney Fell, marketing and events coordinator for Waterboyz in an e-mail interview.

WHEN: Gallery Night Friday Sept. 16
WHERE: Waterboyz 380 N. 9th Ave.
DETAILS: 433-2929