Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


Winners & Losers

KING RIVERS The owner of King’s Bar-B-Q turned 70 on Sept. 9. Although he earned a good salary with a local railroad company, he followed his dream, retired over 20 years ago and opened his BBQ joint on the corner of Palafox and Maxwell streets. Great towns have great BBQ. Tuscaloosa has Dreamland. Memphis has The Rendezvous. Pensacola has King’s.

COX COMMUNICATIONS The cable company has established a new endowment in the University of West Florida School of Science and Engineering to provide support for students enrolled in majors within the school. Recipients will be selected based on their academic achievements and work in research activities within the Computer Science Department, focused on complex data visualization.

TOURISM Escambia County set lodging revenue records in both June and July. Revenues collected on stays in hotels, condos and rental homes in June were $23.6 million and revenues in July were $29 million. The previous record for June was in 2008 with $20.1 million, and the previous July record, which was also the all-time record, was $23.8 million in 2009.  Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties broke revenue records, too. It’s amazing what not having an oil spill can do for our economy.

PENSACOLA BAY AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE No matter how you look at the issue over who runs Escambia County’s tourism program, the Chamber is the big loser in this debate–its CEO running to the daily newspaper, board members and staff meeting privately on shifting the program away from the Chamber, and accusations flying about Sunshine law violations. Fingers are pointing in all directions. How much more dysfunctional can we get?

PENSACOLA CITY COUNCIL The “governing” body of Pensacola city government met three times last week for over eight hours. The daily newspaper hardly reported on any of it. Somebody is sending them a signal.

PENSACOLA’S IMAGE A self-proclaimed vampire woman was arrested in St. Petersburg after allegedly attacking an elderly man, who was in a motorized wheelchair, outside of a vacant Hooters restaurant. The couple met at a nearby gas station, where the man invited the woman to hang out with him outside of a vacant Hooters until her ride came to pick her up. He fell asleep in his motorized wheelchair and when he awoke, the “vampire” — a Pensacola resident —  was biting him. Our “News of the Weird” column is going to need a special section just for Pensacola people.