Pensacola, Florida
Saturday April 21st 2018


My Pensacola—Christopher Peterson

Name:  Christopher Peterson
Day Job:  Bartender at Emerald City and owner of Drue Christopher Promotions
Pensacola Resident Since: 2004

Good Eats:
I have a huge passion for pizza, and although Ozone and Hopjack’s offer decent pies, it’s Tuscan Oven that gets me every time!  It’s some of the best pizza I have ever had the pleasure of devouring, and their homemade creamy parmesan dressing to dip the crust in is ridiculous.  I love the fresh-mex at Cactus Flower Cafe, and when I’m in complete bum mood, I’ll order wings from Wing Zone.  They all bring me joy.

Retail Therapy:
Clothing for guys in Pensacola is unfortunately limited to a few mainstream chains in the mall, however Don Alan’s carries some really hard to find, upscale and casual brands that I like, and like most guys, I could spend hours in Best Buy getting lost in the magic.

Watering Holes:
I love visiting Dedrick out at Flounders on the weekends, when I can.  He is a riot and a spectacular bartender.  Bloody Marys are a bartender’s secret weapon that can really show off their skills, and my buddy Cody at Atlas/Fishhouse knows how to make them perfectly.  I like The Other Side.  It’s a very upscale video-bar that sets the mood for a chill day, and their Friday 6-8 bingo is a rowdy blast.

Emerald City.  The place really does change the game of the nightclub experience.  Between the staff, the shows, and the incredible DJs that both spin regularly and for special events, EC is one of the coolest clubs in the region.  Check out one of the monthly Saturday Drink and Drown or themed “Club One” events and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Play is a refreshing addition to this town, too.

Sundays at Pensacola Beach, for sure.  Also, I love kayaking Adventures Unlimited.  They take pride in their business and take care of their customers, which is why I go back every year during the summertime, almost monthly.

Arts & Culture:
I am the biggest movie buff ever, and I’m about to start my own movie-review website!  I see almost every movie that comes out so the Rave on Bayou is like my second home. It’s nice that Gulf Breeze Cinema carries the independent films that don’t make it to wide-release, and Pensacola Little Theater, Pensacola Symphony, and Gallery Nights all get my thumbs up, too!

Never Miss Events/Festivals:
Memorial Day weekend, Pensacola Beach.  I’ve met people that travel from Alaska to experience our beaches and welcoming attitude for this weekend.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I think it’s really awesome that such a big and nationally known event takes place right in our own back yard.