Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


A&E: Recycled Glass For Sale

Santa Rosa Sunshine Now for Sale

Press Release The Santa Rosa Clean Community System has announced that "Santa Rosa Sunshine", the recycled glass being processed in Santa Rosa County, will go on sale starting Friday, September 3.

The product, which can be used as mulch, floral design, aquariums, art projects and much more, is collected, processed and distributed entirely in Santa Rosa County.

The funds raised through the sale will go toward the maintenance costs of the Andela Glass Pulverizer, which is estimated at $15,000 per year. The purchase of the machine and initial start-up costs were funded by an Impact 100 grant.

The glass is available in several different packaged sizes. Mixed glass pebbles comes in a seven gallon container (approximately 50 pounds) for $15 and a three gallon container (approximately 25 pounds) for $10. Mixed glass sand can be purchased in the same sizes, with the seven gallon container priced at $7.50 and the three gallon container at $5. Separated colors of glass are packaged in gallon containers (approximately 7 pounds) with various prices.

In addition, bulk mixed glass pebbles and sand are available as the supply lasts, the pebbles will be $60 per yard and the sand $40 per yard. Santa Rosa Clean Community System, Inc 6758 Park Avenue Milton, FL 32570 (850) 623-1930