Pensacola, Florida
Monday April 23rd 2018


It is Not So Scary in Ghostland

by Kate Peterson

Ghostland Observatory, or GLO, is an Austin-based band consisting of Aaron Behrens on vocals and some occasional guitar playing, and Thomas Turner on backup vocals, drums and synthesizer. Widely known and admired in electro circles, they have a rock-infused style that has created quite a following.
IN had a chance to catch up with Turner while GLO was on the road, headed to a show in Washington, D.C. We spoke to Turner about the band’s music, and what it is like to occasionally perform in a cape.

IN: How did the band start?
TURNER: We met through a classified ad in the Austin Chronicle. We started playing and formed the band Waking Helix. That original band broke up, but Aaron and I stayed together and our shows are getting bigger and bigger. We like to entertain.

IN: How did you come up with the sound of the band?
TURNER: We have eclectic tastes. We were interested in the genre and each of us brought it to the table. Our characters combined to make something interesting.

IN: Your stage productions are spectacular, who does them?
TURNER: We use a company from Pittsburgh. We give them a set list, and they make a programmed look for each song. Basically, they are performing with us at each show.

IN: Your album names are unique, “,” “Paparazzi Lightning,” “Robotique Majestique,” and your last one that caught our attention, “Codename: Rondo,” tell us the story about that album name.
TURNER: The name came from an experience in Newark, New Jersey that we cannot talk about.

IN: You have four albums total, what was different about making the fourth?
TURNER: We were in a place where we could pretend it was the first. No pressure, not thinking, and not being afraid to experiment.

IN: In an article there was mention of a Soundclash with Snoop Dogg, what was that all about?
TURNER: It was interesting to say the least. Sponsored by Red Bull, we performed on South Padre Island during Spring Break. The concert was organized to play up the differences between each band’s diverse sounds, and styles. Snoop and his band, The Snoopadelics, would play on an opposing stage, and then we would play. There were four rounds, the cover, the takeover, the clash and the joker. We played each other’s songs. To have Snoop play our songs was a real thrill.

IN: You have your own recording label, Trashy Moped, how is it to run your own label?
TURNER: We wanted to start a boutique label since we started playing music. All of the record is under our control, from writing the songs, recording, producing and finishing. We go with it. No one else plays a part in the end result.

IN: What’s next?
TURNER: We have a heavy touring schedule until the end of 2011. We have been renting a studio to finish a new album. We hope to have the writing done soon and we are using the tour to mix the songs. We should have something out after the New Year.

IN: Does the cape help in your 
TURNER: I like it, yeah, it fits with 
my zone. {in}

WHEN: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 15
WHERE: Wind Creek Stage