Pensacola, Florida
Monday April 23rd 2018


My Pensacola—Paloma

PALOMA is Giovanni Lugo, Aaron Finlay, Nathan Dillaha and Hale Leal

Day Job: eh …. we’re trying really hard to make music full time!

Hello, Gio here, with the fellas as we head down the interstate for an Atlanta gig. I figured four guys and five hours locked into a two door Honda pulling a trailer full of equipment is a perfect time to discuss food, drink and overall good living.  Considering the fact we’ve all lived here on average of 25 years, we’ve certainly compiled good opinions on where and what we like to do here in Pensacola.

Good Eats:
Chow Tyme Buffet on 9th … ridiculous good!
Gio: My absolute favorite restaurant has to be Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. You don’t have to be commited to a vegan lifestyle to realize that they have some incredible food at Sluggo’s. I mean, if you can take tofu and turn it into a feast, you damn sure know your way around a kitchen. Everything on the menu is amazing. Honorable mentions: Tu-Do Vietnamese Restaurant for their delicious noodles and H&O on Gonzales Street for true southern soul food.
Aaron: Olgy’s Taqueria  (behind the Shell station next to the I-10 ramp on Davis)… Lengua Tacos … enough said.
Hale: Native Cafe
Nathan: Blue Dot Burger and City Grocery

Retail Therapy:
To be perfectly honest, we don’t necessarily consider ourselves retail shopaholics, but …
Aaron: I enjoy finding and special ordering vinyl and cd’s at Revolver Records (sidenote: Paloma’s debut EP “UNO” is available on CD at Revolver Records)
Hale:  I love finding random gems at Super Thrift on 9th Ave.
Nathan: Barnes and Nobles
Gio: I’m gonna keep it honest. I shop Wal-Mart. I mean, if i want a $5 dvd, hoodie, stick of deoderant, rawhide bone for Miles and a fresh pair of Silver Series velcro sneakers … where else am I gonna do that at four in the a.m., after closing down the bar.

Watering Holes:
The boys agree: We love kicking back beers at the Pensacola Bay Brewery with Clint and Lauren at the helm, and for far more serious drinking and hellacious mornings we recommend the Z (aka Azalea Lounge); also, a night of whiskey gingers at Sir Richards while screaming out karaoke on Wednesday and Saturday nights.
Also, considering DeLuna Fest is around the corner and really the fun is to be had out at Pensacola Beach, then we recommend grabbing dinner and beers at Paradise Bar and Grille and maybe finishing the night with several carbombs at Paddy O’ Leary’s.

Watching shows at the Handlebar and Vinyl Music Hall, and just simply bar hopping with friends around Palafox Street.

Gio: I personally enjoy biking around East Hill with my dog, Miles, beside me.
Hale: Surfing
Nathan: disc golfing in Gulf Breeze
Aaron: Blackwater River

Arts and Culture:
Pensacola State College Art Department gallery and the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival are amongst our favorite events and places for art!

Never Miss Events:
Gio: I feel like one of the greatest things to happen to Downtown Pensacola is Gallery Night. Between checking out original art from local and regional artists, and listening to street performers along sidewalks, it really brings about a sense of community.
And, obviously this weekend is HUGE for Pensacola Beach, as DeLuna Fest is underway. We’re talking Weezer, Jane’s Addiction, The New Pornographers, Colour Revolt, the Shins — not to mention us, Paloma. We are really looking forward to sharing the stage with many great bands. So please get your tickets and come see us Saturday,  noon, on the stage and again Saturday, 10 p.m., at The Dock for a DeLuna Fest after-party!
Hope to see y’all around!

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