Pensacola, Florida
Sunday April 22nd 2018


Weezer’s a Pleaser

by Hana Frenette

If it’s being played on a jukebox, out of some loud speakers, or at karaoke you’re going to want to plug your ears in anticipation of the inevitable squeals of excitement and rejoicing that usually follow the opening cords of just about any song off the Blue Album. Or Pinkerton. Weezer’s music is nostalgic for just about anyone who grew up in the 90s and as of lately, it’s getting easier to relive the music.

There’s gossip all over the Internet about Weezer doing a special tour that involves playing two shows in each city on their list. One night they’ll play the Blue Album, and the next they’ll play Pinkerton. Or vice versa.

“That is actually true,” drummer Pat Wilson said. “We call those ‘memory shows,’ and we just kind of do them wherever we think would be good.”

Weezer just decides that it might make for a good show, contacts someone in the area and gets it approved. Unfortunately there is no official list of tour dates for these “memory shows,”
but be on the lookout nonetheless. It does exist and could pop up in your town at any given moment.

However, there is a list of dates you can count on. Weezer will be playing on a cruise ship Jan. 18 – 23, as people bask in the sun and gorge on the already paid for food.  Dinosaur Jr. and several other bands will also be playing. The cruise ship will leave from Miami and travel to Cozumel. It’s been called a floating musical festival and it comes with the assurance that your vacation will have a great soundtrack, regardless of whether or not you forgot to charge your iPod. Who came up with this marvelous plan?

“I have no idea, but I think they might actually be a genius,” Wilson said. “I believe someone contacted us about it and we just thought we could have a lot of fun with it.”
Another thing Weezer seems to be having a lot of fun with is the possibility of a high profile breakup.

“This cranky dude from San Francisco or Seattle said he’d pay us $1 million dollars to break up,” Wilson said. “I told him for $20 million we’d do the deluxe breakup!”
The man responsible for attempted breakup bribery didn’t actually have the money, but said that if he could get enough people to donate or contribute, then he would offer it to the band in order for them to split.

It doesn’t really seem like they’ll be going anywhere though. Some members have their own solo projects, or side projects, they have a cruise show coming up, and then random shows around the country where they play music off their most loved albums to their loyal fans. Not too bad for a band that’s been together for almost 20 years.

Their show at De Luna will mark a first for them, as they have yet to play in Pensacola.

“I think our tour manager was from there though,” Wilson said.

Also, Wilson, who usually plays the drums has switched over to guitar for the live shows.

“We’ve played these songs for so many years it’s kind of nice to freshen it up with a change,” Wilson said.

Whether they play new or old, nostalgic or not, we’ll take it. {in}

WHEN: 9:00-11:00 p.m., Friday, Oct. 14
WHERE: Main Stage