Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 19th 2018


Local Guitar Luthiers at DeLuna

by Sarah McCartan

“It’s like cocaine. Have you ever seen an advertisement for it? No. It always sells; everyone knows where to get it. If you have a good enough product people will come.” To the tune of standup comedian Doug Stanhope, owner of Electrical Guitar Company Kevin Burkett sums up his company, while discounting all the rules of business every marketer learns in school.

When you hear six-month waiting line, generally the thought is, ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ However, that is far from reality for EGC when it comes to the demand for their product, custom, built-to-order aluminum guitars. At a time when many companies are struggling to break even, Burkett is swamped with emails.

Since 2003, Burkett has been expanding the production of his instruments. He is now up to nearly 600 guitars, many having gone to well known acts including Shellac, The Melvins, Mogwai, Mastadon, Metallica, Isis, Jack’s Mannequin and The Jesus Lizard just to name a few.

The best part about the business, aside from it being a dream come true for Burkett, is that everyone approaches him.

“It’s kind of the redneck network — someone who knows a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy. And it’s neat, too, because whenever people do call they are really interested,” Burkett shares. “I don’t sell anything. I can’t. My salesmanship is: if you want it, then fucking take it.”

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