Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 23rd 2018


DeLuna Fest: Fest Faves To Add To The Memory Book

•Shincounters: One thing is for sure, The Shins sure showed festival-goers and beach-bar hoppers at Paddy O’ Leary’s plenty of love this weekend and may have even played a few songs, so the story goes.
•Sand Dune Stampede: Although a moment of chaos, the mental picture of Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo parading through the sea oats amidst a crowd of fist pumping fans is one that will probably never fade.
•After Hours: Whether you were throwing down at Paloma, kicking it with Girl Talk or dancing all night with Grooveshark, if you stayed out late enough chances are you just might have stumbled from an official after party to a full fledged impromptu house party that just iced the cake on your evening.
•Bottles & Shades: Shout out to Grooveshark for hooking it up all weekend. Not only are the water bottles festive, they were perfect for water or alcohol.
•Hometown VIP: Pensacolians represented in the VIP tent Saturday Night. Enough said.
• Night Lights: Ghostland’s light show was so intense that it allegedly warranted military clearance. I believe it. Either way, it was badass.
• Bucket Punch: Thanks to the onsite bars that offered DeLuna Punch. This sweet bang for your buck kept us going strong all weekend. Although, the bucket was a workout to carry.
• Nonstop Dancing: If there was ever an ideal lineup and location for dancing, it was DeLuna. Although I must admit it is harder to dance in the sand than it looks, that did not stop us.
• Freebies: Nothing says Sunday-afternoon-pick-me-up like snagging some freebie “Adult Capri Suns” from the cooler on the pooldeck. It may have been a sugar overload, but freebies should never go unappreciated.
•Who Dat Party: If you were wondering why Kermit Ruffins was late to his Sunday evening set, we know the answer: football. Kermit and his Barbecue Swingers had a really hard time walking away from the TVs at Riptides in the Holiday Inn.
• Ending Scene: If you stayed long enough for Mutemath’s drum finish while the waves crashed up on the beach Sunday night, good for you. Let’s be real. Who needed Linkin Park?