Pensacola, Florida
Friday June 22nd 2018


Ted Leo is Coming to The Handlebar—Seriously!

By Hana Frenette

Ted Leo has been around for a while, and it seems that people like it that way. In the 1980s, he broke out onto the East Coast hardcore scene of New York City with his band Citizen’s Arrest, as well as a few other side projects, before going solo for a while. Leo’s current band, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, have been touring since the ‘90s and have released nine albums in the past decade. Leo has been called a hero, an innovative leader and a prolific treasure of the musical world by just about every music magazine, website or radio station worth throwing a quarter at.  His music encompasses a wide range of musical influences including punk rock, folk and even reggae, and is always catchy and infectious—something good to jump around to. Many of the band’s albums explore social and political topics. Their 2008 release, “Rapid Responses,” was sold online with all the proceeds going to benefit the Democracy Now! media organization and Food Not Bombs Minneapolis following incidents of police brutality against demonstrators at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists will be playing at the Handlebar, Nov. 3. It’s likely the bathroom walls are already scrawled with Leo lyrics in wild anticipation.

WHERE: The Handlebar, 319 N. Tarragona St.
WHEN: Nov. 3, at 8 p.m.
COST: $12/$14 for 18/21