Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


My Pensacola—Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg
Day Job: Principal, Greenberg Palmer Boutique Public Relations
Pensacola Resident Since: 2008

Good Eats:
Cactus Flower is my weekly guilty pleasure. I think they put something in the Santa Fe sauce, because when Taco Tuesday rolls around I feel like my phone automatically dials them. My wife and I are also really into Mellow Mushroom’s ‘Build Your Own Salads’ and anything and everything at Nancy’s Haute Affairs. That blue building on Cervantes in East Pensacola Heights has amazing food for an even more amazing price. The Leisure Club may be Pensacola’s newest little food lounge worth checking out. A good little secret, albeit not the fanciest location, is O’Briens Bistro near Cordova. They always have a unique menu and a chef that makes smart choices.

Retail Therapy:
Duh is a wonderful place for interior and garden design, and when I have relatives travel in, that is the place they want to go. Every time I buy something from there for my home, I get compliments whenever I have a visitor. As for clothing, I am mostly an online shopper, but have you been to Indigeaux Denim Bar? On Sundays, expect to be greeted by a long eared rabbit in a bow tie named Atticus. No joke, they have a clothing store rabbit.
Need a good haircut? Check out Cathy at Le Vogue or Debbie at 10th Ave. Those two stylists understand their clients.

Watering Holes:
Mellow Mushroom always has a TON of great drink specials (including 140+ beers), and 5 1/2 bar has my favorite liquor, St. Germain. If Vinyl Music Hall has a solid band, there is no better place to drink that night. No matter what, I always seem to end up at Intermission or Play in the downtown area.

When it comes to the beach vs. downtown, I always shoot for downtown. Not that the beach isn’t a blast, but I live in East Hill so I like the convenience. It’s always great meeting up with friends at more casual bars like Intermission or The Azalea. If I am looking for atmosphere, I shoot for sitting outside at Jaco’s or even the Crowne Plaza. If I am in the mood to turn up to 11 and get some hugs from my rocker friends, it’s all about The Handlebar.

Bayview Park at night is magical. The park combines the sense of community with solitude and a bay breeze. Even going on a walk or bike ride through East Hill is such a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Arts & Culture:
I always like the quick witted art posted in Sluggos. I also like the communal sense behind Gallery Night, and the ease of catching a rock show at Seville Quarter, Vinyl, The Big Easy Tavern or The Handlebar. DeLuna Fest was a great example for locals to showcase their auditory art, and the proof was in the pudding when crowds were super excited to see bands like The Icarus Effect, Mr. Fahrenheit and Paloma. Don’t forget to check out a local band here and there. They are hard workers who want to show a crowd what they love.

Never Miss Events/Festivals:
DeLuna Fest is quickly becoming a staple in the Pensacola community, and I still think that those who went this year are on that emotional high. I think the Beer Festival at Seville Quarter is wonderful for trying out so many different kinds of new beer. I always have fun at gallery night. Also, Earth Day Pensacola continues to get stronger and stronger every year.