Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


Save the Date for Saves the Day

by Hana Frenette

Saves the Day isn’t just another emo band with a hit or two that you’re throwing on a mix CD for someone you think is cute. And if it were, the band’s managed to stay around long enough to prove it isn’t anymore.

At a time when most people were trying to figure out who to take to the prom or what to write on their college applications, Chris Conley was writing and recording what would be Saves the Day’s first album.

“We were kind of this punk band, and everyone at our school was into Dave Matthews and Phish,” Conley said. “We recorded the first album when I was a senior, in 1997. And then we released it in 1998 after we had graduated.”

Although the album was great, the band wasn’t getting high fives and free letterman jackets in the halls.

“We were like the misfits,” Conley said.

A few things have changed since 1997. Along with the expulsion of scruncies, pogs and every great show that was on Nickelodeon, 13 different band members have come and gone.
“Oh man, the band is the best it’s ever been—they are all really awesome musicians,” Conley said. “I really enjoy them all as people.”

And that never hurts.

“This could be the way the band is for the rest of our career,” Conley said.

While much has changed over the years, there are also things that have remained the same. The writing process is still just a boy and his guitar.

“It’s still me having fun with an acoustic guitar,” Conley said. “It’s always been an outlet for me to just write. I’m still writing new songs all the time.”

After a couple of album releases and a few appearances on late-night television, Saves the Day was signed with major label Dreamworks Records. The band proceeded to release “In Reverie.”

The lyrics on the album were noticeably less macabre. It wasn’t completely intentional.

“It just kind of moved toward that sound,” Conley said. “At the time, we were dealing with issues and longing for peace—just desperately trying to find peace.”

Saves the Day has since put out a trilogy of albums, with the last record, “Daylight,” being released earlier this year.

What’s next for the band?

“I think I’d like to tour more over seas,” Conley said. “But my number one priority is to make another record.”

Although it’s been over ten years since Saves the Day’s first release, the band’s fan base is still holding strong. People are breaking out their old discs in anticipation of the show at Vinyl.

One popular tune of nostalgia is “The Way His Collar Falls,” a song that unfolds on a train headed for New York in 1999.

“It’s a love song. A song about friends and how everybody kind of splits up after high school,” Conley said. “It’s kind of just saying, ‘Hey buddy, I miss you.’”

The band has come a long way from their days skipping school. So have Saves the Day’s fans. Let’s just think of the show as a mini-high school reunion. Don’t forget to save the date. {in}

WHAT: Saves The Day and Bayside
WHEN: 7:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 4
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall
COST: $15