Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 19th 2018


My Pensacola—Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Day Job: The other guy who tends bar at 5 ½ Bar (part time). Gayngsta (full time).
Pensacola Resident Since: Forever, but I took a couple of breaks.

Good Eats:
Will work for food with CK because he makes homemade bread and pastrami at his quaint, little restaurant. You should check out a ‘Friday Night Dinner’ with him at MP Grille.  I dip my sandwich in Mari’s delicious soup at Wine Bar, where Amanda brings my ‘carafe for the price of a glass.’ When I am feeling fat from all the amazing BBQ at Happy Pig and Blue Dot, I go for a Thai tuna burger from Everman’s Deli.  Tre Fratelli is my favorite restaurant because of the pasta Sicilian-style and the fantastic, home-style atmosphere!  Fish House has the best blue cheese dressing on the planet, and my greasy piece of the pie is found at Papa’s Pizza.

Retail Therapy:
Have you been to the East Hill Market yet? Get on your bike and go, hippies. They take you out into the garden and cut the herbs right off the plant. Awesome!  Klik has the best shoes for my personality, but I long for a local shoe store. I like shopping at Intracoastal Outfitters, because the lady is super nice. I shop frequently at Innerlight and Waterboyz, because I can buy sunglasses and plaid shirts at the same place. Also, both are local businesses and I support that as much as possible.

Watering Holes:
5 ½ Bar because Patrick Bolster has turned me into a booze-snob, and the urban atmosphere is cool. Also, people watching is best at 5 ½ Bar because you never know who will be there. I also enjoy drinking and delicious brunch with Nate at Atlas. I stop by Play to hang with Ms.Pac Man, scope Marcy’s newest chalk drawing and laugh with Mike and Sarah. Up north, my choice is definitely Chad and Kristy at Coyote’s because they are both awesome personalities. Coyote’s is also my favorite dark, smoky place to go and get beat at pool and Silver Strike. Azalea has the best juke box.

I am so happy the Levin crew makes it possible for me to experience music at Vinyl Music Hall. I also enjoy the seedy sounds and atmosphere of the Handlebar. Pensacola Symphony always puts on stellar performances at the new Saenger Theater, which makes for a wonderful evening with friends. I am not much of a dancer, so I stick to Buck’s Bar outside at Seville (usually a good band in the garage), and talking smack with Bunnie from Emerald City.
P.S. I was lying about the dancing. Whoop Whoop, DJ Lao.

Nothing beats riding bikes at Fort Pickens and Blackwater trail. I do a lot of geocaching, which shows me all sorts of nooks and crannies around Pensacola. My favorite is the haunted geocaching tour. You can’t beat taking a lesson, then rock climbing with a buddy at Weatherford’s for only $12. I practice mostly at home, but I like to ‘get my yoga on’ with Tara Taylor at Breathe and Nancy LaNasa at Abhaya. Both Breathe and Abhaya yoga studios are uniquely challenging and fulfilling.  Also—drinking margaritas at Paradise. Does that count?

Arts & Culture:
Everywhere is an art museum for me because I love graffiti and we are starting to see a lot more of it in this city. Brooks and Evan Levin create fascinating music and paintings during Awesome Mondays at 5 ½ Bar, with Matt Rod serving up the drinks.  Carleton Haack rocks ceramics. Finally, everyone should be at the annual Art Party by Jeff Bond.

Never Miss Events/Festivals:
The Get Down, because it is all my favorites wrapped into one: music, dancing, sunglasses and shenanigans with Kelly Blackwell.  DeLuna Fest is a no-brainer because I love music and beautiful Pensacola Beach. Also, my brother and I go to the Blue Angel’s homecoming air show on NAS Pensacola every year in remembrance of our father. I like the homecoming show better than the beach show because you can walk around and check out all the planes.