Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Ho Ho Holy #*@% It’s Almost Christmas!

And let us guess—you haven’t even started your shopping yet, have you?

Fear not, shopping procrastinators. The IN’s elves (and by elves we mean our Publisher Rick, Production Manager Joani, Art Director Samantha and Staff Writer/Office Manager Jennie) have decided to help you out. We made our list (and yes, some of us really did check it twice) and set out on a shopping mission: to find the coolest, most unique, thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts available at local retailers.

We tried to think outside the box for those hard to shop for people, so don’t be surprised when you see a lot of non-traditional ideas ahead. Socks and fruitcakes didn’t make the cut—sorry.  Think more like concert tickets, t-shirts from your favorite bars and art classes.

From the sports fan, to the girly girl, to the HGTV addict, we covered every gift-giving base we could think of.  And we did it all locally. You see, at the IN, we think supporting small businesses is one the best ways to get into the holiday spirit.

So read up, get some ideas and get ready to tackle your own Christmas list—P’cola style of course.

Happy shopping!