Pensacola, Florida
Saturday January 20th 2018


Two Dye Four

By Jennie McKeon

27-year-old John Dye has only been a professional make-up artist for about a year. Yet he has his own magazine, “Two DYE Four,” which can be found inside “Po10tial” magazine, he did the make-up for “Extreme Home Makeover” when they came to Pensacola and he has the maximum amount of Facebook friends. Clearly, he is doing something right.

Dye always wanted to be center of attention. From the age of three, he was obsessed with Hollywood and pop culture. He always loved putting make-up on his friends and experimenting with colors and techniques, but he never took it too seriously. After a month in rehab for alcohol addiction, Dye was ready to take control of his life and found his passion.

“I had a clear vision,” Dye said. “When you see the dark, depressing side of life it makes you want to see the other side: success, accomplishment—a legacy so-to-speak. I realized I could build a life and a brand on this.”

That vision has turned Dye’s magazine into a semi-annual beauty book. Thursday, Dec. 15 “Two DYE Four Semi-Annual Beauty Book” will be available, featuring the past nine months of the magazine. That’s 80 pages of beauty.

Now, Dye doesn’t just dole out funny commentary, beautiful photographs and make-up tips in “Two DYE Four,” but also with YouTube and Facebook. The shameless self-promotion has produced great results, leaving Dye at the center of the beauty network in Pensacola. Just for fun, Dye invites photographers, hair stylists and model hopefuls to his East Hill house, or hub, to produce one-of-a-kind photographs.

“I love to be around talented, young, emerging artists,” Dye said as he dangles his legs off the arm of his loveseat. “Some people hunt and fish for fun, I like people coming over and doing their make-up. The creative process is payment enough.”

Dye doesn’t just create editorial looks using feathers and wild colors. He is also sought-after for his bridal work. Much of his bridal portfolio boasts brides smiling ear-to-ear with looks that are elegant and natural.

“I am blessed beyond belief to make women look and feel beautiful and to see how excited they are when they look in the mirror and say ‘I never thought I could look like this,’” Dye said, getting teary-eyed. “To watch the transformation and see a girl or woman become confidant and comfortable in her own skin is magic.”

Dye said his make-up secret is all in the application. He uses drug store products such as Maybelline and E.L.F., but not for long since a self-titled make-up line is in the works. He began his love for make-up by experimenting and encourages women to do the same.

“Don’t be afraid of make-up,” Dye said. “Don’t be afraid to wear a little extra or try a new color. Try on new looks when you’re sitting at home during off-hours. Don’t try a new look in high-pressure situations. And practice, practice, practice.”

Dye grew up in a predominately female family, with his mom and two older sisters. The entire clan has always been an inspiration to Dye as well as a strong support system.

“I’ve been around funny, smart women my whole life,” Dye said. “My sweet mama told me ‘I should’ve known that you’d be successful in make-up, because I can remember picking you up from day care, you were in the first or second grade and you told me, ‘Mama, you need some lipstick.’”

WHEN: 6 – 8 p.m. Thursday Dec. 15
WHERE: The Deck at the Fish House, 600 S. Barracks St.