Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday January 16th 2019


News: BDI wins award

Baskerville-Donovan awards 2010 Engineering Scholarship;
Named 2010 NAACP Industry of the Year

PENSACOLA, FL – Baskerville-Donovan Inc. (BDI), in conjunction with the Pensacola Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), has selected Mr. Ayyuwb Harrison, a 2010 graduate of J.M. Tate High School, as the recipient of the 2010 Baskerville-Donovan/NAACP Civil Engineering Scholarship.

The annual scholarship is part of a joint effort between BDI and the NAACP to bring more African American students into the field of engineering. Harrison will receive a $2,000 scholarship toward his civil engineering studies at the University of Central Florida (UCF), in addition to an engineering internship at BDI.

“This award is the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Harrison. “Many of my peers – even some in their senior years – will be entering the workforce without any hands-on engineering experience. For me, though, receiving this award will provide me not only with much-appreciated tuition assistance, but also with the exposure I’ll need to succeed in my chosen career path.”

Fred C. Donovan, Sr., BDI’s Chairman and CEO, understands Harrison’s perspective and how the annual scholarships will make a difference for years to come. “Engineering offers a world of opportunity for dedicated young people,” said Donovan. “By providing this scholarship, we hope to help Ayyuwb fulfill his potential and join the ranks of talented students who have gone out to lead successful professional engineering careers.”

As a board member of the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) and Pensacola’s NAACP President, Elvin McCorvey understands the challenges that African American students must overcome as well as the benefits in helping them reach their goals.

“Each student is an investment in our community’s future,” states McCorvey. “We owe it to our youth, as well as ourselves, to ensure they have every opportunity to be all they can be in their lives’ endeavors.”

In related news, BDI is proud to announce its receipt of the 2010 NAACP Pensacola Industry Award. The award was presented at the 20th Annual Freedom Fund Award Banquet on August 7, 2010 at New World Landing in Downtown Pensacola. BDI was selected for this award due to its lengthy partnership with the NAACP Pensacola branch in supporting youth and education through the annual student engineering scholarship.

In the words of Mr. McCorvey, “Baskerville-Donovan has committed itself to our mission of ‘One Nation, One Dream,’ and deserves to be recognized as an exemplary community citizen and corporation of excellence.”