Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday September 17th 2019


A Timberhawk Yuletide

By Sarah K. McCartan

Where else can you find The Black Keys, The Band, Wilco and Garth Brooks all rolled up into one night, on one stage? The answer is simple. The answer is Timberhawk. Get ready, members of Timberhawk are once again gearing up to deliver plenty of entertainment for all, both this holiday weekend and next, giving you yet another great reason to celebrate the season.

While many bands in today’s musical era are in and out so quickly they fail to leave a trail or any other sign of existence, Timberhawk has been playing around town in some facet or another for the past decade and appears to be here to stay. What began as Reynosa, delivering original music to friends, family and fans alike, is continually expanding upon the reputation they are building as Timberhawk.

You can be sure to spot the crew doing their thing on any given weekend, delivering fun in the form of music to a crowd of enthused night owls here, there and everywhere. Although their normal gig involves a beach bar or two, they can be found playing at barbecues, parties, parades, Seville and beyond. Rather than their show functioning as a spectator sport, Timberhawk seems to have a way of magically coaxing attendees out of their comfort zone and onto the dance floor.
In the world of cover gigs, there are bands that tour the country honoring some of the biggest names in music history, such as the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Then there are bands like Timberhawk which are their own sort of hybrid, paying homage to the artists who have inspired their original creations, yet still doing their own side projects such as Aubrey and the Fun Friends and Paloma, while continuing to share snippets of original music themselves.

Although their typical four-hour set is largely driven by cover tunes, they keep it engaging and their own form of classy. “We don’t play everything the way it was originally played. We put our own spin on it,” drummer Matt Nichols commented.

Not only does Timberhawk’s continued focus on writing original music distinguish them from “cover bands,” it proves their strength as both a band and a group of individually talented, multidimensional musicians. They currently have new songs in the works for an upcoming show at Vinyl Music Hall in January where they will be playing alongside New Orleans-based band The Revivalists.

“I’m excited. We’re all coming together on it. It’s a lot more fun than playing cover gigs all the time because you get to put your two cents into it,” said Nichols.

On average, Timberhawk plays anywhere from two to five nights any given week, with certain special event weekends requiring them to play longer than most of us spend at work. “The last night of DeLuna Fest weekend we ended up playing nine hours straight at the Islander,” said Nichols. “It was pretty intense. There were a lot of people there so that made it fun.”

One thing is for sure—regardless of the show locale, duration of their sets or even how exhausted they are, Timberhawk will play songs the crowd enjoys and steer clear of any overdone or downright tasteless tunes. “We’re not going to play Nickelback, Buckcherry and that cheese. And you can write that,” shared Nichols. “I heard on the radio that the number one turn-off for women on was guys that listen to Nickelback.”

And so, the stockings are hung, the lights are on the tree and the stage is set this holiday season for a Timberhawk yuletide. If you are lucky, you may even hear some festive carols, and if not carols, at least their own rendition of “Gin and Juice.” So, dust off those dancing shoes, grab your friends and get ready to ring in another New Year with Timberhawk.

WHEN: 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 23, Saturday, Dec. 24 and Saturday, Dec. 31
WHERE: The Islander Lounge, 43 Via De Luna, Pensacola Beach
COST: Free
DETAILS: Find Timberhawk on Facebook for up-to-date information and additional show locations, including a TBA New Year’s show.