Pensacola, Florida
Saturday February 23rd 2019


Health Talk: Kim Davion

Kim Davion’s wake-up call was her 30th birthday this past May—the apocalypse she called it.

“It just clicked,” Davion said of her decision to start a healthy lifestyle. “I just thought, ‘I don’t want to be unhealthy as I age, I want to live a long, healthy life.’ I was robbing my friends and family of all I can be.”

Davion is a designer at Ideaworks, a creative job, but not an active one. Her meal plan consisted of take-out and drive-thru. And there was also her addiction to soda.

“It was always quick, fat, fried and greasy,” Davion said of her unhealthy meal plan.

When Davion decided to make that change and commit to a healthy lifestyle she started in the kitchen. Baby steps such as switching from soda to flavored water and white breads to whole grains made such an impact that Davion was encouraged to keep going.

“It fell off fast,” Davion said. “Eventually your tastes change and you don’t even want fast food anymore.”

Davion packs her lunch now with fruits, greens and lean meats such as chicken or fish. From day one she has logged her food with, a website that tracks your calorie intake for free. Davion referred to it as “Facebook for dieters.” She also keeps track of her work-outs and measurements.

Davion began to avidly attend Zumba classes, which led to other work-out addictions.

“Zumba changed my life,” Davion said. “From day one I was addicted. You’re soaked in sweat, but you forget it’s a work-out. There’s also camaraderie with women of all ages and sizes.”

Zumba is a great alternative to gym boredom and no skills are required.

“It’s a party atmosphere,” Davion said. “It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, you’ll get it.”

Davion began occasionally attending Zumba classes in October 2010. Now, she is a regular and has received her Zumba certification.

“That was an important goal, it was my gift to self,” Davion said. “It was physically and mentally taxing. They kick your butt!”

Her work-out routine consists of 4 a.m. home work-outs, 5 a.m. jogs on the treadmill at her gym and Crossfit on Thursdays and Saturdays and Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Davion’s new lifestyle has also made her more adventurous.

In the past seven months Davion has ran two 5k races and this past Thanksgiving Davion climbed Mount Leconte, the third-highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains, with her husband Daniel.

All of these experiences have changed Davion for the better.

“I feel like I’m actually living,” she said. “The change has opened my eyes to all there is yet to accomplish.”

At press time, Davion has lost a total of 28 pounds, but the real significance is her lifestyle change. She is conscious about her meals and adamant about staying active. And to anyone looking to follow in Davion’s footsteps: she advises them to be patient.

“Don’t be discouraged, there’s no miracle pill,” she said. “It takes about three weeks to a month to see changes and changes will be small. Don’t be a slave to the scale.”