Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 20th 2018


Winners & Losers 1/05/12

The Winners & Losers cabal of the North American division of the IN media and entertainment empire watched too many college bowl games and sent in, on a Seville Quarter coaster, this quiz on the events of the last quarter of 2011. Enjoy.

1. What team did Blue Wahoos manager Jim Riggleman manage last year?
a. Washington Nationals
b. Pensacola Pelicans
c. Chicago Cubs
d. Carolina Mudcats

2. Which group opposed the latest rate hike proposed by Gulf Power?
a. Santa Rosa County Democrats
b. Pensacola City Council
c. Pensacola Chamber of Commerce
d. NAACP local chapter

3. How much was the bonus Mayor Ashton Hayward gave city workers?
a. $1.50
b. $1,250
c. $500
d. $750

4. Over 85 percent of white high school students in Escambia County public schools graduate. What is the ratio for African-American students that graduate?
a. Nine out of 10 black students
b. The same as white students
c. Less than two out of three black students
d. Half

5. What denomination is Rev. Nathan Monk and his St. Benedict Orthodox Church?
a.Roman Catholic
b. Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
c. Greek Orthodox
d. Latter Day Saints Orthodox Catholic Church

6. Which of these innovative programs did School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas initiate this school year?
a. Making closed school available to local non-profits.
b. Converting buses to natural gas fuel.
c. Drug testing for sports, band and chess clubs.
d. Making classrooms safer for students and teachers.

7. What Florida politician agreed to be drug tested by Comedy Central?
a. Gov. Rick Scott
b. Attorney General Pam Bondi
c. Sen. Greg Evers
d. Congressman Jeff Miller

8. Quint and Rishy Studer announced a contest for entrepreneurs and business owners to win a business startup package valued at over $50,000. What is the name of the contest?
a. The Second Pledge
b. Yahoo Wahoo
c. Pensacola Business Challenge
d. Home Run Challenge

9. Who was the attorney that Community Redevelopment Agency Chairman Megan Pratt hired and the rest of the board fired?
a. Vinny Gambini
b. Jack McCoy
c. Arnie Becker
d. Doug Sale

10. According to the U.S. Census, how many children in Escambia County live in poverty?
a. 15 percent
b. 28 percent
c. 33 percent
d. 22 percent

11. What was the name of the sting operation that netted over 70 arrests for illegal drugs and guns?
a. Operation Anything for a Buck
b. Operation Anything for a Dollar
c. Operation Anything for a Coupon
d. Deal Chicken

Answers: 1 a), 2 a), 3 d), 4 c), 5 b), 6 c), 7 b), 8 c), 9 d), 10 b), 11 a)