Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 27th 2018


My Pensacola—Nancy (Petre) Rodriguez

Nancy (Petre) Rodriguez
Day Job: Administrative Assistant/Office Manager – Seville Quarter
Pensacola Resident Since: Birth, with a six-year stint in Miami

Good Eats:
I love good food, oh hell, I’ll eat bad food! During the week, at Seville Quarter for lunch we have the freshest house-made soups, salads and veggies on our salad bar from 11a.m. to 2 p.m.  We also have THE BEST pizza! It’s thin crust with house-made sauce and just YUMMY! I like the Primo Pizza to take home for dinner. I also like to visit The Happy Pig. Mark Thornton and crew sure know how to smoke some butts (the pork ain’t bad either…ba da bum)! The Hip Pocket Deli has great sandwiches, Greek salads and desserts. They’re only open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and bring CASH because Chris Varazo doesn’t deal with plastic, but he WILL remember your name!

Retail Therapy:
Meadows’ Jewelry has a wonderful selection of items. Bob Meadows is very knowledgeable and trustworthy, and has given me good advice on antique jewelry handed down to me. Plus, he’s a Miami Hurricane fan, so that makes him A+ in my book! Trinity Collection is another place that has a different selection of items. Susan Nathan will help me pick out a gift for those hard to buy for people that have everything. But when I really need “retail therapy” I head to Lowe’s and dream about re-doing my whole house!

As a wannabe rock-star, I enjoy live music. While I don’t get out to too many shows, I manage to catch a few here and there that are NOT at Seville Quarter (but THE BEST shows are there). Vinyl has had an impressive schedule with a wide variety to appeal to all ages, which is nice. They’ve done a great job during their inaugural year and bring fresh faces downtown. I go to the Sandshaker when my friend Woody Bradshaw is here from Nashville. Beverly always has him perform a set or two when he’s in town and the crowds are very responsive. I like to go to Paradise Bar & Grill to see the band UltraViolet—if you want to see a great all-female band that ROCKS, check them out!

I am blessed to be a “West Side Girl”—West Side is the BEST side. I live directly across from the Blue Angels, so I get to enjoy the sound of freedom when they practice or come home on Sundays. Some people will be surprised to know I enjoy throwing my Johnson’s Cast Net in Bayou Grande. Jimmy Johnson and his dad custom make them in their shop on Massachusetts Avenue, so it’s not too big or heavy for me to throw. The blue heron that hangs in my part of the bayou comes flying in when I go cast, ‘cuz he knows I will throw him the fish.

As a Navy brat, and with my Great Uncle, Rear Admiral Wallace Dillon, having items there, I often go to the National Naval Aviation Museum, which is a FREE world-class attraction. The IMAX theater and simulators are a must see for out-of-town visitors.

Never Miss Events/Festivals
DeLuna Fest has opened my eyes and ears to a bunch of musicians I would never have thought I’d like. Plus, it has brought the national spotlight to Pensacola Beach for something other than natural disasters. As a Krewe of Seville member, we participate in the annual Mardi Gras season and the Fiesta of Five Flags celebration each year, which gives the community a chance to celebrate its heritage and have a lot of fun doing it! I’m looking forward to the Blue Wahoos at the new Maritime Park stadium next year. Watching the progress of the park each day, knowing it will bring even more fun downtown, is exciting.