Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Outtakes 1/12/12

FRUSTRATED HATERS The Haters were celebrating last summer. Finally–they thought with glee–the Studers were getting bashed by the daily newspaper. The News Journal, in its self-proclaimed role as watchdog, the Community Maritime Park Associates executive and its attorney accused Quint Studer of welshing on what they claimed was a second pledge of $2 million for the maritime park.

The Haters were giddy. They could call Quint Studer a “liar” and had the daily newspaper supporting them. Letters were sent to Major League Baseball trying to interfere with the league approving his ownership of the Double-A affiliate.

A few weeks later, there were rumors the Studers were selling their company, Studer Group. The daily newspaper reported the Studers had brought in venture capitalists into their consulting firm.

The Haters had new fodder. They had run off the Studers after the haters had spent over five years spreading lies about them on the internet. The most outrageous ones were that Quint Studer had killed Jack Fetterman and Vince Whibbs. PNJ columnist Mark O’Brien even got in the act and spread the conspiracy theory that Studer had bribed Judge Lacey Collier.

The Haters said Studer was bailing on Pensacola -taking his money and leaving the town in debt. They popped bottles of champagne and toasted their “success.”

Well, this paper proved that there never were two pledges of $2 million (Independent News, “Studer Shakedown,” Aug. 3, 2011). The CMPA board agreed.

The Studers didn’t run away and hide. They gave the CMPA an additional $200,000-plus to upgrade stadium seating and are waiting for the appraisal on the land value so that they can begin their $12 million building at the park.

The Studer Group hasn’t moved from the area and is adding 40 employees this year.
The couple bought the Penko building on the corner of Palafox and Main streets that has been empty for decades and have begun renovating it for three new retail shops.

The Studers launched last month the Pensacola Business Challenge to help jumpstart small businesses. They bought a home inside the city limits of Pensacola. They gave $1 million to establish a scholarship fund for Pensacola high school graduates.

Will the Haters admit they got it all wrong? Sadly, no.

Haters will continue to hate and tear down people. They will create conspiracies, misstate facts and lie. Fortunately, the Studers will continue to give to this place they have chosen to call home.

Weep for the Haters. They will be forever frustrated.