Pensacola, Florida
Monday May 28th 2018


Lush Guide ’12

The IN staff in general are bar people. We’ve been known to close the office at 4 p.m. on Fridays to get a jump start on happy hour. Some of our most productive staff meetings have involved a pitcher (and a few shots of ‘Cuse Juice) at New York Nick’s. We regularly make office bets where booze is the prize to be had (speaking of which, Joani, you still owe Rick a beer for the Republican Primary).

As a nod to our bar loving side, we created our annual Lush Guide.  It’s one of our favorite issues to brainstorm and write every year and this year, it’s extra special because the gods of timing smiled us and let it fall on the same week as the booziest holiday of them all—Mardi Gras.

In honor of that coincidence, we’re giving you some tips on surviving a marathon drinking day. You can thank us Sunday when you actually make it through the epic beach parade festivities. Plus, we’ve got words of wisdom straight from the mouths of your favorite local bartenders, a foodie’s guide to cooking with booze and a quiz to test your knowledge of the local bar scene.

So read up and get ready for Mardi Gras weekend. Just remember—if you’re going to be drinking (and we know you are) do it at local establishments and be safe, okay? Cheers!