Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


My Pensacola—Jason Leger

Name: Jason Leger
Day Job: I.T. and Shipping & Receiving at Harley-Davidson of Pensacola
Pensacola Resident Since: 1983, when everything changed.

Good Eats: I’m a pretty big fan of food and it’s tough for me to really narrow down favorites, but since I need to, I could survive solely on chicken, cashew and cream cheese pizza from Ozone or The Enterprise from The Elbow Room. Food like that makes life worth living.

Retail Therapy: I’m not much for shopping at all. I try to be content with what I have. I’ll buy an occasional book or movie online. I should spend more time at Revolver Records. I think I’ve only been three times since it opened. My apologies to Eric Jones along with the strongest intentions to change this behavior.

Watering Holes: When it comes to bars, the darker, the better. I’m a big fan of The Azalea, Sir Richards and The Elbow Room. If I go to a bar, conversation is necessary for me so that has to be possible wherever I go. If I can’t hear someone across the table from me, I’d rather not go.

Nightlife: I’m not much for the clubbing scene. I play drums for Pioneers! O Pioneers! so a good portion of weekends in the coming year, you’ll (hopefully) be able to find us playing locally somewhere. We intend to hit it hard.

Outdoors: For a good portion of my teen and adult life, I have taken our amazing beaches for granted. Honestly, (spoiler alert) I can’t swim, so I was always anxious about going out there. As of the past couple of years, I take advantage of the beach as much as I can. However, if I had to choose between beaches and mountains, mountains would win every time.

Arts & Culture: I have some pretty talented friends. One of my best friends owns Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio. When I was younger, I never thought I would take part in a tattoo culture, because it was something I was made to believe marked a “bad” person, along with smoking, drinking, and cursing. Spend five minutes talking to me now and you will see that these ideals have changed considerably. As of now, I am a walking portfolio for Miguel Sipes. Another close friend of mine runs a music blog ( He has a very discerning ear and writes album reviews, conducts interviews and exposes new bands.

Never Miss Events/Festivals: I have really enjoyed the Pelican Drop the past couple of years. At first I didn’t think I would because it’s so crowded, but there’s something about getting a feeling of a fresh start with thousands of people, and friends you love surrounding you, that is almost magical. Also, I went to DeLuna Fest this past year. There were a lot of haters. Selfishly, I loved watching Telekinesis, The War on Drugs, and The Shins and still be able to move around. Pretty sure that I will be going again this year.