Pensacola, Florida
Friday May 25th 2018


A&E Picks 3/15/12

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. And just about everybody is drunk.

This year the green party is sure to be extra rowdy since it’s on a Saturday—thanks Leap Year!  But don’t let the crowds or crazies in leprechaun outfits scare you off from the fun. Here are our top five reasons to Irish-up and brave the madness this Saturday:

1. Green Beer
Cliche? Yes, but also fun to drink and just about every bar in town has it.

2. Mass at a Pub
You can’t do that every day, but you sure can on St. Pat’s at Paddy O’Leary’s.

3. Guinness Floats
Because the only thing better than ice cream is beer. Or vice versa. Treat yourself to one at The Magnolia.

4. “Who all seen da leprechaun say yeah!”
No St. Patrick’s Day on the Gulf Coast could ever be complete without watching the infamous Mobile Leprechaun video at least once on YouTube.

5. Saturday
You can’t use any of your “But, I have to work tomorrow” excuses this year. So just go green already!

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